1943-S Steel Pennies Worth Money – How Much Is It Worth and Why, Errors, Varieties, and History

This video is all about the 1943-S Steel Pennies… or the Bronze version worth $504,000! Today we are going to be learning the ins and outs of this coin, including its history and the context in which the coin was minted in, its appeal to collectors, and the various values it may have depending on its condition. We are also going to be covering the 1943 Pennies mint errors and varieties – if there is not a section for one of them, that means that there are none known. Hopefully this is a good introduction to this awesome coin, and best of luck finding all of the valuable errors, varieties, and highly-graded coins in addition to learning the sweet history behind it. Always keep an eye out for good coins, whether they are worth tons of money and rare, or just have great eye appeal and a story to them! This video is made as part of a greater educational series on every date, denomination, and mint mark in U.S. coinage.


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13 Comments on “1943-S Steel Pennies Worth Money – How Much Is It Worth and Why, Errors, Varieties, and History”

  1. Thanks for the great info! I am an avid collector of several varieties of numismatics and these are one of them. Keep up the great work Sir!

  2. Un Saludos.
    Tengo una Moneda de Lincoln del años 1943.
    Es de la que se pega en el Iman
    Si alguien quiere hacer negocios. Solo que me escribas.
    Escucho propociones

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  4. I’m surprised that these steel cents haven’t retained much collector value. These things need to be stored in a climate controlled environment.

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