1956 Half dollars worth great money!

In this video we talk about 1956 half dollars worth great money; the Franklin Half Dollars also called "Benjis".
The year 1956 it is a very special year for half dollars and you will see why shortly. We cover everything you need to know about this valuable coin, the coin you should have in your collection- the type, varieties, values, and "bugs bunny" too!

Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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12 Comments on “1956 Half dollars worth great money!”

  1. 1st comment from Moncton NB. YOU should do a video on FBLs. With close ups on the difference of FBL and not

  2. Thanks again for the information. I found out about the type 1 & 2 about a year or so ago when I was looking in to buying a small collection from someone.
    I sure didn’t know they could be worth that much. I need to go through them again!

  3. I think the oldest Benjamin I have is 1959 mint set. I wish for 1857 the year I was born yet I usually get out bid and I will keep trying.

  4. I did not know about the 4 feathers. I only had one 1956. But, all the other years (both before and after 1956) seem to have 4 feathers.

  5. I did not know about this one, the 4 feathers. I may have to check all of my 1956 Benji’s now for this. Thank you for the great information J

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