1957 Wheat Penny Value. Rare penny coins worth a lot of money. We look at rare pennies worth money from 1957. Look for these rare coins in your pocket change. For more coin tips give the video a thumbs up! Keep coin roll hunting and always remember you can find rare coins without going to a coin dealer or coin shop and spending money!


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    1. hi. i have some rare coins but i don’t know where to sell them. I just need an address or companie’s Name, thank you, i’d really appreciate it.

  1. Thank you Justin for this information. I do have a 1957wheat pennie, have not looked at lately, great video… 😂👍👍👍👍

  2. Great video I have a couple in pretty good shape, I’m going to check them out, great job Justin 👍👍

  3. I have a 1957 wheat cent, looks like a new coin front and back, it would grade out very high, if anyone interested for their collection, leave a comment

  4. Hi Justin I’m so enjoying all your videos I have a question on the 25¢ 1776-1976 coin is there any errors on the drum??

  5. I have a 1957 D Wheat Penny I great condition along with a few other coins. What are my first steps at getting them graded?

  6. I love finding old wheat penny’s! Always check your change guys! it’s like finding little pieces of history. Awesome stuff.

  7. So I have a 1957 D, I have always wondered about the doubling, are you able to see it right right away without a magnifying or microscope?
    The 1957 wheat Penny I have there is no doubling at all…but I believe this coin is worth of value because it looks to be completely uncirculated

    Any feedback would be great 😊

  8. I just found a dime that has a date punch of 200..the coin has a P mint mark..not very worn out..lines on torch still deep..could this be an error coin..interested in feedback

  9. I have a 1957 D wheat penny with a error on the 9 on the front and on the back it has an error on the right wheat and a error on the left wheat. Its brown but the details of the coin are really clear. How much do you think it’s worth and how do I get it graded?

  10. I found a 1940 penny, a 1957, 1957D, and a 1973 red . all in pocket change in two weeks and they are all in good to go e shape! Now that I have a coin/jewellers glass I can check for misprints ? Which I’ve found several already!

  11. Hey justin, ive been watching your channel for some time now. Great info you display. Thanks.ive been collecting for many,many years. Going through $registers drawers. Amazing all the coins i have found😜. Im 60yrs old. Im going to pass my collection on to my grandchildren before i leave. Blessings to you.

  12. I found a 1957 wheat penny at work. It was d stamped, I have yet to look if it is double stamped yet, but it is in very good condition, no extreme coloring and discoloration yet.

  13. I have a 1957 wheat Penny. It looks like a steel penny. It doesn’t stick to a magnet. Are there any 1957 silver pennies or zinc pennies?

  14. Wow I have one of the 1957 wheat pennies in what appears to be great condition. No mint mark. Hmm do I get it graded?

  15. I have a BU roll of 1957D wheat pennies of which has errors on everyone from die chip in the 9 to L in Liberty in the rim and grease on the rev leaving light details from e plu to ON . Is this roll worth anything with these errors or just for the brilliant red uncirculated class?

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