1978 nickels to look for!

We talk about newer nickels, nickels struck in 1978, that you should look for. Why? They are valuable and still easily obtainable. They were minted in all 3 mints, and we talk about all of them with or without full steps.
And most importantly, after watching this video you will know their true and most recent value!
We cover their values, Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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21 Comments on “1978 nickels to look for!”

  1. Sooooo….. how do I find out how much my $100⭐️ notes are worth if I am considering selling them? I know I have one rare according to the lookup. Any info would help me GREATLY!!🤗🤗

  2. Most respected sir,
    I have few coins as per your description 1978. Please help me to sell them.
    Jayaram P Bangalore India

  3. I do not presently have any 1978 nickels. You can bet your bottom dollar that I will be looking for these nickels with “eagles’ eyes”………….🦅 👀🦅👀🦅👀

  4. I’ve got a couple in sets….will be checking now …Thank You J&B….take care ….see you monday night..

  5. I do not have one 😐 Great video! I will be on the Hunt for the 1978 Jefferson Nickel Forsure!

  6. I have a 1948 P that weighs 4.66 grams. It’s worth about a penny with inflation . No chance of full steps as it looks like a die cap on reverse. Good luck to all on ever finding a coin worth Big $

  7. Hey JB while rummaging through my change after watching this video i found a 2006 Denver dime that looks odd. Do you know of any known anomalies with these? Looks like the face is somewhat normal but the back looks un-clad no shine at all. I alao have a weird 1907 glod liberty 2.5$ coin that has a drip streak going down the reverse of the coin. Looking for any help on these 2 things thanks.

  8. Don’t have any with the rainbow color. Or the steps like you show. But I would to know where can I take them to get look at. I have 12 no mint mark. 5 Denver

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