1982 Penny Worth Money – How Much Is It Worth and Why?

Part of my series every week highlighting a different coin you may find in pocket change or in a collection worth money. Whether it’s an error penny, variety penny, or key date penny, the pennies worth money are often worth big money – and I’m here to show you what to look for via a discussion of where the error or variety is on the coin and then close up pictures of it. If you watch, you may find pennies worth big money after cherrypicking.

This specific video is about 1982 pennies worth money – these 1982 double die error coins can be worth $1500 or more in the right condition! Best of luck finding one of these awesome 1982 pennies.


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38 Comments on “1982 Penny Worth Money – How Much Is It Worth and Why?”

  1. Thanks for the video! We have a bunch of 82’s and haven’t gone through any of them yet, but will soon, fingers crossed!

  2. Looks like the 1982 penny example has a slight misaligned die on the obverse. Thanks for sharing the info!

  3. Awesome video!! Curiosity question: What’s to stop people from trying to recreate these/carve into existing pennies and claiming that they have one of these pennies w special characteristics?

    1. Haha thanks – and great question. It is really hard to replicate that type of variety, as the signs of the metal having been moved/added would be pretty clear.

  4. Thanks for sharing this. Back in the day while coin roll hunting I got a whole roll of these uncirculated. I was looking for wheat pennies at the time. I thought it was cool that these were uncirculated so I put the in a tube to preserve them. I guess it’s time to take them out and look at them closely. Fingers crossed.

    1. @Treasure Town I have found 2 1982 pennies with errors that I cannot find by looking it up…..how do I go about having someone verify it’s legit? I’m 100% positive that they are.

  5. 1982 Lincoln cents in the condition of you sample still carries a premium above face and higher than one would expect (but trust me as you well know not going to get you rich, still you could get up to $3 for that cent since the only Mint sets issued were the souvenir ones from the Mint shops).

    1. @Treasure Town An idea for an interesting video is to survey the values of coins in low Mint State and higher grade for those which the US Mint did not issue an Unc set. In modern times (since 1950) – it is the 1950, 1982 and 1983 coinage. Only way you could get sets is at the gift shops of each Mint and only those produced at that Mint (souvenir set). Check the channel Coin Collecting College which offers a nice summary of these years (1982 and 1982) .

      Finally, it is worth doing a survey video about souvenir sets sold individually at the Philly and Denver Mint gift shops. The US Mint offered this starting in 1970 and the last ones sold were in the late 1990’s. Collectors of these is not large but there are scarcities – especially the late 1990’s souvenir sets.

  6. Thanks Christian. The one thing I have not found in all my years of coin hunting is a DDO or a DDR.. still looking.

  7. You’re a good man for answering people’s questions a lot of people put out these YouTube videos and they won’t respond back to people the way I look at it the author of the video should return all questions with an answer. Most of them just rely on the viewers to answer the questions. They just want the YouTube hits so they can get paid. Thank you for returning people’s questions that’s how we learn have a nice day

    1. The 20% is understandable, but there’s guys like BRSH who barely even acknowledge subscribers anymore.

    2. @Mike Meros could be tough. I do my best but there can also be stretches where you do 50% and then a week of 2%.

    3. @Treasure Town I hear you. But you’re pretty consistent with initial responses. It all comes down to priority level. I didn’t have 10,000+ followers, but when I ran my company, folks that took time to comment on my company posts always got acknowledged, and that was usually at 2am which was the only free time I had. Kudos to you TT, keep on truckin!

  8. I’m grateful for your time spent creating this content.
    When you’re grateful things appear just so you have more to be thankful for.
    All said I found one with the reverse as you described.
    Thank you

  9. My husband found a 1982 penny that is more yellow than copper in color. Any idea what the reason is?

  10. I have a 1982 D penny that has several mistakes on both sides i would like to know what it is worth

  11. Hey I liked your video I have a 1982 penny that I am trying to get someone to give me an answer on I’ve been saving pennies for over 20 years recently started looking through them trying to find the right one this penny is a 1982 small date no mint mark bronze Lincoln I believe it weighs 2.5 gm

  12. I think I have the 1982 D small date copper penny. It says 182 should be lined up and it should weigh 3.11 if it’s authentic. I weighed mine and it weighs 3.1. Could u tell me where I can bring it to get it checked out.

  13. Hello. I have a 1982 penny that weighs 3.08g with a big cud on the obverse. It covers “In G & half of the O,” of In God We Trust and “Li,” of Liberty. It’s in ok condition. No mint mark. Do you think it is worth getting graded for sale? I’m disabled and could use any extra money.

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