1984-D Penny Worth Money – How Much Is It Worth And Why?

Welcome to my Saturday series each week highlighting a different coin you may find in pocket change or in a collection worth money. Whether it’s an error penny, variety penny, or key date penny, the pennies worth money are often worth big money – and I’m here to show you what to look for via a discussion of where the error or variety is on the coin and then close up pictures of it. If you watch, you may find pennies worth big money after cherrypicking.

This specific video is about 1984-D pennies worth money – these 1984-D doubled die error coins can be worth $45 or more in the right condition! Best of luck finding one of these awesome 1984-D pennies.


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30 Comments on “1984-D Penny Worth Money – How Much Is It Worth And Why?”

  1. I’m going to look and see what I have and am definitely going to look at your individual coin videos. Thanks so much for the great info you give us. 🙂

  2. Now the 1984 D I can find in my searches,but not lately!🎈Hahahaha V keep the video’s Coming!! 🎈👍👍👍


  4. I found one of these. The more desirable variety has very prominent die cracks on some of the columns on the reverse.

    1. @Treasure Town thanks! If I ever get a coin microscope with a decent camera I’ll send you pics. I was bummed it wasn’t worth more with how much some of the websites want to sell it for.

  5. Thanks Christian, i have a friend in Greenwich, Carol. Haven’t seen her in 30 years. Thanks 4 video & 4 reminding me of old nanny friend

  6. Ya mejor pongan toda la programación en ingles o pongale letras you tuve gracias si lo hacen les doy 100 estrellas.

  7. Christian, how are you? I hope all is well, I watch your videos all the time. I have a question regarding a 1919 circulated penny without a mint letter D P or S. I saw one on Etsy site going for $4000. Just wondering if you could help me out by telling me if it’s worth anything perhaps.Thanks so much for your help Christian.

    1. Doing well! Etsy is unfortunate in that people put coins worth way way less than the asking price on there. The coin is probably worth around 15-25 cents retail and 3 or 4 cents to a dealer unfortunately (unless it is unc, but you mentioned yours is circulated). Sorry to let you down.

  8. Thanks Christian, I appreciate it. I’m going to have somebody look at it and tell me what they think. I have a rare coin store around me. I’ll get back to you on it thanks so much.

  9. I no this is old but I just got into coin hunting couple months ago. But I found a 1984 d penny today and I noticed the D is almost touching lincolns chest right below the 9.. its not like any other 1984 d that I have found..just wondering on your thoughts..

  10. I found one of these this this evening. Double die obverse plus a whole bunch of what appears to be hammer and anvil damage with no real harm to the collar……..where might I send pictures too, for you to see it also…..this is my second day cherry picking and I’m off to a wonderful intriguing start

  11. The 1984 D also has differences in the position of the D, sometimes it is clearly closer to 1984 than others. Is this a minor variation or have others noticed it.

  12. I have a 1984 D penny that is silver. I can’t find anything about it anywhere. Is it possibly worth something?

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