11 Comments on “£20 for £20 George and the Dragon 999 Silver Coins from the UK Royal Mint”

  1. Wouldn’t it be worth buying a 1oz silver coin for your money and get
    change? i dont get why the prices are so high when the spot price of silver
    is £12.60 odd its the 20% VAT i guess which is abit of a pain 

  2. Don’t you think these 20 for 20 coins (Canadian ones too) are a ripoff? For
    £20, you could buy a whole 1oz silver coin, with change. Even though these
    are legal tender at £20, that is fiat money, subject to inflation, or even
    disappearance. I guess they could become collectible though. The 1999 Lunar
    rabbit coin is really beautiful and a bargain at £30. They have 2oz 2011
    rabbits on BullionUK –

  3. I hope it’s a beautiful one. I find the UK commemoratives to be pretty hit
    and miss. All of Canadas $20 for $20 coins are beautiful IMO… hopefully
    inspiration is drawn from them.

  4. Mine had a 2000 Panda & wanted £40, had it been in its mylar sleeve i
    probably would have bought it. Yes you got a good deal & i’d go back for
    the dog if i was you.(as long as it’s not scuffed up or toned)

  5. It’ll be interesting to see if they start minting some cupro £20 coins like
    they did with the £5 coins, you don’t see them much in circulation much
    though. You done well on the Rabbit as the series one’s fetch a high

  6. Got my 3 yesterday too. I was a bit naive on the whole legal tender thing
    and didn’t realise banks could legally refuse them so am thinking of
    returning them and buying more actual gold/silver with my £60. I find the
    coin design a bit bland/simple but understand it’s a historic design so
    that’s probably the point.

  7. I had seen a 2001 Panda in the shop a few weeks prior, but I didn’t have
    the cash on me that day. I walked in hoping to buy that, but ended up with
    the Rabbit instead. Which I am still happy about. Would you say £30 is a
    good deal? He had a series 1 dog for the same price.

  8. I can’t wait to get the first of mine in a couple of weeks, I like the
    presentation card design as well. I wonder what next year’s design will be.

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