200+ YEAR OLD COIN & RARER SILVER Uncovered In World Coin Half Pound Grab Bag – Bag #7

Had a great time with another MA-Shops ( ) sponsored half pound world coin search of my new series – was able to get a ton of bags to search, and I can't wait to go through them with you. MA-Shops is a trusted online marketplace for coins from all around the world, including ancients, medieval, U.S., and even paper money. I get these bags from different coin dealers who I have connections with, and unbox them coin by coin, looking for rare, old, collectible, or even just neat coins that unveil history from all around the world. Today's selection was fun and provided us with some neat learning – hope that you enjoyed!

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15 Comments on “200+ YEAR OLD COIN & RARER SILVER Uncovered In World Coin Half Pound Grab Bag – Bag #7”

  1. Great video. Just reminded me to buy a 10 pounder of foreign for fun to support your channel. I’ll do it during the new year.

  2. Question: I saw a video where a 1975 dime sold for thousands of dollars. It was said that it should not have been in circulation because there was no mint stamp or mark. I want to know if in fact that that was the case.

  3. Constantine II is still alive and still has disputes with the Greek government.

    Fun fact: the last king of Egypt is also still alive, but he was just a baby when the monarchy was abolished!

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