2000-2021 Lincoln Penny Errors & Varieties Complete Guide – Values & Clear Explanation

There are a lot of valuable errors on pennies minted from 2000 to 2021, so I made a clear and concise presentation to explain exactly what to look for and their values. There are quite a range of possible penny errors to look for, and knowing the big coins will be very helpful. However, in addition to the major varieties, I also cover all of the minor varieties recognized by PCGS so that you have the complete picture. Two pieces of advice: when selling, remember that there generally aren’t tons of these coins on the market, so values can fluctuate based on demand at a specific moment when a coin comes to the market, and in general, look for coins in slabs that have missed variety attributions.


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23 Comments on “2000-2021 Lincoln Penny Errors & Varieties Complete Guide – Values & Clear Explanation”

  1. Enjoy your videos, so much information. Have you seen 2020 d DDO yet? Just asking. Take care.

  2. You forgot the 2015 and 2019 DDOs. Just found my first 2019 last week. It has a nice easy to see spread on the date.

  3. I have several 1950’s and 60’s pennies that the L in Liberty looks like they have been squished to fit… with a pronounced border. This is a mint error or is that the tolerances of the older pennies.?

  4. Hey there Trasure. I was watching your video because I recently came across a 2019 D penny with some of the craziest lettering I’ve ever seen. As far as the research I could find this penny is very close to what would be called a TDO. However there is a weird machine doubling inside the lettering outside the lettering and on top of the lettering. Despite how this sounds I have found doubling on everything both obverse and reverse. Any opinion’s would be appreciated?

  5. I found this penny today! But cant find that error.its a little penny on the bottom of the S in trust. Any idea???

  6. Good video. Good fast information with pics and very little commentary. Well done. I will be watching more of your videos….Doug from Pa

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