2001 New York Quarter – How Much Is It Worth and Why?

This is my coins worth money series that runs every week highlighting a different coin you may find in pocket change or in a collection worth money. Whether it’s an error quarter, variety quarter, or key date quarter, the quarters worth money are often worth big money – and I’m here to show you what to look for via a discussion of where the error or variety is on the coin and then close up pictures of it. If you watch, you may find quarter worth big money after cherrypicking.

This specific video is about 2001 New York quarters worth money – these 2001 New York doubled die quarter coins can be worth $40 or more in the right condition! Best of luck finding one of these awesome 2001 quarters.


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29 Comments on “2001 New York Quarter – How Much Is It Worth and Why?”

  1. Cool vid 👍 Thanks for showing the error. Denver not normally the mint with errors so it’s interesting to see

  2. Thank you for all of your great videos! I like that you don’t feel the need to drone on and on before getting to business. Very informative. Having said that I am very new to collecting. I believe I found something exciting. It is a 2011 p dime with a groove that runs in a circle from his forehead to his neck. I have not seen anything posted about this error. What should I do to authenticate this dime? Could you look at it and give me your opinion? I’ll wait for your response and send a pic if you want me to. Thank you again.

    1. I appreciate it. Most likely to be PMD but you could send a quick photo to my email.. might be a while before I get back though

  3. Don’t you think it’s hard to get like $30-$50 for that coin, I know there is a market for error coins, but for this specific coin, I don’t think so. I would pay like $5 for an UNC.

  4. I’ve got a request. Could you do a video on foreign coins that contain silver and approximate value. My LCS’S that I visit usually have foreign silver coins at discounted rates. Hard to find descent deals right now.

  5. Love your series covering the variety of coins here. As someone new to the hobby and collecting, it’s intimidating seeing all the varieties and variations listed in the guides. Super helpful for you to feature and isolate specific ones so that all that knowledge can be accumulated over time in a much less overwhelming way. Thanks!

  6. I’m in the hobby of trading cards and with the pandemic we’ve seen a major upturn in market growth, i was wondering has the same been happening in coins? Gains since March? I’ve turned around cards for minimum 50% return but few as much as 300% ROI. PS since watching your videos I keep a closer eye on my pocket change. 🤑 turning cents into dollars

  7. Thanks Christian, I like Rare! I will look right now and let you know what I find….EIEI OH MY!! 👌👍🏴‍☠️🇺🇸 Ok they are rare just went through over two rolls no such luck

  8. I do have a 2008 Mexico quarter and it does have the double earlobe and it also has the on the back with the extra scribbles at the end of the finger

  9. I found one that looks like the area where the book is , is all filled in and other areas. Would that be worth anything?

  10. Hey I have a coin a 1788 quarter looks kind weird meaning the front has a head with a indention on it as well as the back

  11. I found one of these that’s plated in gold. Weird because the whole $10 roll of quarters were the new 2023 quarters and this one golden 2001 new York quarter dropped out of no where. Of course it caught my attention right away. It doesn’t have the “teeth” marks but still Im keeping it. It’s pretty strange considering, I think 2001 quarters will be worth a lot later on when there’s some weird hype, so I hope mine is worth more.

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