$250 SILVER World Coin Collection Unboxing – Bought From A Local Coin Dealer

I had the chance to purchase about $250 in mixed world silver coins from a dealer that I frequently do business with, and of course I took the chance to make a video out of it! Always fun to go through world coins and see if there are any to add to my collection, place with clients who are buying valuable coins, or something different altogether – this was an interesting batch for sure!

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19 Comments on “$250 SILVER World Coin Collection Unboxing – Bought From A Local Coin Dealer”

  1. Nice! I’ve just recently been dabbling in world coins and looking at the history on them. Love these videos.

  2. Great buys that MacArthur peso is worth about $75 alone if that 2 1/2 gulden is real it pays for the lot it’s self you did really well

  3. Making money is an action. Keeping money is behavior, but “growing money is wisdom”. I found this out a week ago after getting a $10,000 return on my $3,000 investment in 7 days

    1. @boitrubl I trade with him quite often,and all profit are secured and over a 100% return on investment directly sent to you..

    2. After watching so many YouTube tutorials on trading I was still losing, until Mr. Avi Gilburt started managing my investments now I make $6,800 a week. God bless you, you have been a blessing to my family.

  4. 1.3 time on silver coins is a great buy. Hope to see some of these coin in the upcoming auctions. Please take care.

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