3 HUGE GOLD Coins FOUND Metal Detecting USA #shorts



In this video, I'm sharing a video of gold coins that have been found with a metal detector in the United States.

If you're looking for a exciting video to share on your channel, then this is it! In this video, you'll see gold coins that have been found with a metal detector in the United States. Not only are these coins amazing to see, but they also show the power of metal detecting – even in places you wouldn't think to look!



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Metal Detectors Used: Minelab Manticore, Minelab Equinox 900

Stay tuned for new videos content coming soon on the Minelab Manticore and the Minelab Equinox 900

About Treasure Box With Mark Dayton:
Mark Dayton is a professional treasure hunter since 1984 and searches for treasures all up and down the West Coast of the USA. He is a retired Firefighter Paramedic and also spends his time as a busy professional musician. His adventures take him all up and down the West Coast where he looks for all types of treasures. In each adventure he teaches you all of the tips and techniques to be a successful treasure hunter. Join along on all of his adventures right here on YouTube!!

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    1. Since there were two little, concentrated pockets of coins (one had 9 halves and a $5 gold piece) (the other had the 3 twenty dollar gold pieces) the two areas were about 35 feet apart. We assume that they were purposefully buried in maybe some kind of bag that rotted away over time. So the site was literally just a hole in the dirt now but we found it on an 1862 survey map as a cabin. There was no signs of wood or rocks, just the hole. We found some suspender clips, bullets, harmonica reed and lots of square nails all around the hole. Hole was about 3′ deep and 12′ across. Halves and $5 gold coin were about 8′ away from hole. $20 gold pieces were about 40′ from hole. Guess we’ll never know but we checked the area for more coins thoroughly for a few days after to see if any others. Nothing else was found. Ironically this site is now a huge complex of condominium s next to a brand new grocery store. Was all fields back in 2014. Thanks for checking out the video!

    2. Im so glad the cache was located and saved from Constructions. I missed out by a few years of a large shopping complex built on top of an 1800’s race track.

    3. @Sam Roberts Yikes! I have read some good stories about long lost race tracks being found. I’m sure we had a couple around here too that date back to the gold rush. We also had bear and bull fights where the miners would chain a grizzly bear to a bull and place wagers. The stories of these fights is disturbing they way they describe the outcomes.

    4. @Brass Medic

      Can you imagine how many treasures have been covered up by developments and construction? Makes my heart hurt to think about it.

  1. I remember watching this one, really stoked the fires 🔥 just makes me want to get out there, you just never know what might pop out!

    1. Yes, was really like waiting to wake up from a dream! Shows you that these kinds of finds are out there waiting for us.

    What metal detector did you use AND did it detect the silver and THEN you found the gold or did it hit on all of them??

  3. Tell me it is REAL. I used to metal detect. Loved it, but my back kept bitc…g at me. God bless you each have one.

    1. Yes it was absolutely real and the exact site where we found these is now under condominiums! Just a really weird thing if you watch the whole video on my other channel “California fornia Relic Adventures” my son-in-law found nine barber and seated half dollars and a $5 good piece all in the area about the size of a hood of a car. The whole first 30 minutes of the video is us watching him digging all those. When he got done we went three different directions all three of us and I guess I went the right direction about 50 ft away is where the three $20 gold pieces were found

  4. Try to find the two back corner posts of an old homestead, and then do concentric circles out to 20 paces around them both. In 1933, when the government outlawed the private ownership of gold, the WISE ONES didn’t turn in their gold coins and instead, buried them, and human behavioral habits would make them bury them in easily relocatable places.

  5. They just put the coins in the dirt and just played like they found them. See how loose the dirt is.😂

    1. Tell me you’ve never been outside without telling me you’ve never been outside. Are you really saying you’ve never seen loose dirt before?

    2. Tell me you’ve never been outside of Manhattan without telling me that you’ve never been outside of Manhattan😂

    3. Yep, that was my first thought too. If you metal detect you know how rare a gold coin is, finding three side by side is like finding bigfoot. Soil that coins just fall out of with no impression is also rare. I call BS.

    4. @Dominik Black No fool, he is saying that the dirt was already loose when they started “digging” for the coins that they magically knew were already there. Odd that they knew the coins would be there and conveniently covered it with the lie about that being near the area where some unknown person found some other coins.

      Please think before you type from now on. It will keep you from looking like a fool for no reason.

      Oh and no, we are not saying that finding a gold coin is impossible, but look at the setup and then the fact that they found 3 gold coins. Yeah, it’s a setup. Sort of like the idiots that bury pieces of glass in concrete and then chip away the concrete pretending to have found some perfect gems

    5. @Baronstone Funny, people who dedicate their lives to finding gold coins know where to find gold coins? An insane notion, I know

  6. If you take those to Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, the best they can do on those $20 gold pieces is $3 each.

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