14 Comments on “$40,000+ RARE PENNY – 1969-S DOUBLED DIE”

  1. I’ve been chasing this 1969 Lincoln for a long time. I have several 1969-Ss but none of them have the doubling. Nice short, Christain. Thanks for showing it. Have a good one.

  2. 2019 isn’t so recent… I have a coin similar if not more rare with a reverse rarity to boot. It’s on eBay just search the year and MM. Its going for 2499 and I’ve gotten no bites. So it’s not sought after as much as you advertise.

  3. hello sir merepas old coins ha n 2015 D n 2017 D n 1939 B n 3 coins ha kya pireke ha batayea liberty in we god turst k coins ha i am Indian

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