5 CONS Of A Hot Coin Market – The Drawbacks Of Soaring Prices

I'm super excited about the hot coin market of the moment, but there are some drawbacks that should be discussed. The last two are a bit complain-y, but you always want to realize why you are collecting, how you are doing it, make sure that you are purchasing and picking up GOOD coins as opposed to any coin that comes your way. Understand why you are collecting instead of just throwing money at something that has recently increased in purchase price, and it'll be a much better experience!


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12 Comments on “5 CONS Of A Hot Coin Market – The Drawbacks Of Soaring Prices”

  1. Good video the mercury dime market on eBay. is to crazy lately alot I say alot of newbies bidding way out of control smh

  2. Mrs Natalie is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  3. I agree with the idea of not going into debt in your collection adventures. I look at it as a hobby for my son and I. We invest about $100 a month, and we don’t break the bank.

  4. I think the market is flooded with vest pocket dealers, flippers, and commercial marketing guys. As a
    60/40 collector/investor I’m seriously considering selling my entire collection and taking some big profits! I would then take time off waiting for the numismatic market to crash so I can buy back in and do it all over again. I did this with my bullion items but with my numismatics it’s definitely tougher because I’m much more attached.

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