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  1. Presentation- You have fantastic coins,housed in stapled holders Why? it
    looks cheap,and lazy your from the old school-update to the self adhesive
    type,(or coin capsules) and present your coins in the best light-

  2. Thanks for the tips. My you tube sound has gone down last week and have to
    find out how to bring it back. so I’ll try to read the info from the

  3. BTW, I disagree with you about the best way to collect coins. Who says you
    have to pick a series and collect all of the coins in it? If your best
    advice to a kid who wants to start collecting coins is to go the bank and
    get a roll of pennies, I would put those pennies in a pillow case and whack
    you with them. I would say to the kid-save your money up, buy the coin you
    find that you think is the coolest…and go from there.

  4. I just started coin collecting and bought $200 from a bank every single one
    was minted 2013 all 20,000 of them how do i avoid this?

  5. where can I buy these types of coins? I go to the bank but they only sell
    2013 pennies, same with retail stores. Where do I go to find these rolls of
    pennies that are circulated? Any advice would be great! Thank you 🙂

  6. Thanks for the basics. You present interesting videos on coin collecting.
    Keep up the great educational information.

  7. I been collecting coins since Aug. 2, 2004. I’m 18 now so as I look back on
    my collection I am amazed how much it grew. Most of my collection was just
    from pocket change, so i didn’t really had to spend a lot for coins. I’m
    glad that I’m one of the ones keeping this hobby alive.

  8. Great advice Wizard, there’s no better entry into the hobby than buying
    coins at face. It’s a great way to learn more about coins and grading.

  9. For the kids in the US that are just starting coin collecting, I started
    coin roll hunting in 1970. I only had a few dollars to work with. I
    recommend starting with pennies the way I did. The average 10 to
    12-year-old doesn’t have very much spare money to work with. Buy a 50 cent
    role of pennies and search for dates that you don’t have. Outside of a few
    key dates the majority of your collection can be found in circulation. It
    is fun to find that coin you don’t have,

  10. I completely agree that we need more young collectors. I myself am one but
    don’t have any friends that really care about the hobby.

  11. What you have is actually a steel penny. It is from 1943 am I right? All
    pennies in 1943 were minted as steel pennies. This was because copper was
    needed for the war effort. 1943 Steel pennies are not worth much at all. If
    your penny is from 1944 and is a steel penny, this was a mistake and is
    worth upwards of $100,000.

  12. Don’t use 2×2 flips with staples – you’ll certainly end up scratching a
    coin or 2 with the staples. And sometimes the staples rust too.

  13. Hey awesome video i have subscribed to your channel I totally agree with
    your opening speech I’m 23 years old and i really want coin collecting to
    live on, its sad how stamp collecting has died and it would be horrible for
    coins to die out. If you have some spare time check out a couple of my
    videos i have thousands of coins, id love to have your input!! im lucky
    enough to own a pawn shop so i get to by from people rather then full
    retail but amazing videos you have here.

  14. I’m 15 and I love coin collecting. I just started 6 months ago, and I want
    to start metal detecting too. Am I allowed to metal detect city parks?

  15. Great videos. Know of any channels that cover ancients, not showing
    collections but more informational?

  16. never trust what a dealer is telling you about condition. and the red book
    is for the dealer not you. Don’t ever pay near red book.

  17. Interesting point of view, thank for sharing that information and your
    tips. I would definitely consider myself a beginner.

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