5 Modern Pennies You Need To Weigh Up – Copper or Zinc?

There are 5 Modern Pennies that you should always weigh up while you're coin roll hunting… Let's take a look at them.

In this video, I'll talk about 5 pennies that were supposed to have been minted on zinc planchets but have been found minted on copper planchets. They are the :
1982 D Small Date Penny
1983 P Penny
1983 D Penny
1989 D Penny
1990 D Penny

While coin roll hunting, be sure to weigh up these 5 pennies every time to ensure you didn't pass up on a chance to earn some big bucks for yourself! They are out there! You just have to look for them in order to find them!

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28 Comments on “5 Modern Pennies You Need To Weigh Up – Copper or Zinc?”

  1. In this video, I’ll talk about 5 pennies that were supposed to have been minted on zinc planchets but have been found minted on copper planchets. Be sure to weigh these pennies and Happy Hunting!

    1. Hey Rob, Should 1982 pennies with no mint mark weigh 3.11 or 2.5 grams? I have both weights. Which weight is most valuable? Thanks for the reply.

  2. Also the 2009 satin copper coins. They aren’t worth a ton, but still would be great to find in circulation.

  3. Thanks, Rob. Very valuable info. I put it in my favorites playlist. Thanks so very much. I have content.

    1. I am new to this coin collecting Oddly enough I’ve never liked any sports or really any major thing that most people like as hobbies I’m just mainly work It’s at all possible would you please send me the list of stuff you searching for. I’ll label together a lot of letters don’t have time to watch YouTube constantly

  4. Great video. I do weigh all my 82’s but didn’t know about the 83, 89 and 90’s. More good info I need. Thanks Rob.

  5. And I found a 1995 penny that weighs 2 g flat there’s nothing wrong with the coin otherwise it looks like a regular penny just really light

  6. Thanks for the video, Rob. I knew about the 82-D SM DT and the 83’s but I did not know about the 89-D and 90-D. The Red Book is a little confusing when it comes to mintages for all 1982’s combined. As far as I can tell, they minted almost 17 billion pennies in 1982, all small and large P&D. Would you concur with that? I know hardly a roll passes through my hands that I don’t find a 1982…lol BTW…I found a 1998 WAM the other day. I’m going through $25 worth of customer wrapped rolls this morning, it’s all I could find today. I just had two of the best boxes I’ve had in a while. Got almost a whole tube of wheat cents mostly 40’s and 50’s but I did find a 1928 and a 1907 Indian Head along with a 1952-2002 Canadian and four 1974-S’s.

  7. I would look at Pennie’s that look like copper but the date wasn’t right… definitely going to start weighing them up

  8. Thank you sir this was very informative I didn’t know about the 83s or 89&90 I have a bunch In my ufo pile I’ll be checking tomorrow afternoon

  9. So I have a few of these I just found. Are the 1982 D more valuable than the P? And one is in pretty good condition. Should I send it to get graded? I am fairly new to coin collecting but I enjoy it. I haven’t sold anything yet. Should I send it to an auction company after I get it graded?

  10. Hey Rob, what would you do about the corrosion on that 1982 penny? I have lots of premise with that “growth” on them. Any way to stop the spread?

  11. Thanks for your great explanation on every video. The knowledge I gain from these videos you do is worth a pretty penny.

  12. 1985 p and d coppers have also surfaced. I would weigh all 1980ies pennies after 1982. Obviously the 82 d small date copper is the coup de gras.

  13. Hey Rob! First I want to say thank you for all the content you have done. You’re one of a small few who recently got me into this and it’s been a blast!

    I have found a 1979 D that weighs 2.4? Wanted to get your take on it. Seems like you’ve got a ton of knowledge on this

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