500 Euro Bank note Gold Plated 24K gold certificate 1gram Bullion Collectible

Special Edition 500 Euro Gold Plated Note

This beautifully adorn currency has been artfully crafted with pure 24K gold (99.99%purity) and placed inside a luxurious display that keeps it protected for all your years of commemoration. The symbolic combination of prosperity and wealth, through the blending of "Gold" and "Money", make this item a luxurious exhibit for the Lunar Year celebration. Throughout the ages, golden money has been a prominent sign of wealth and success; especially in the traditions of Asian Cultures. The most prized decorations and heirlooms are those that have brilliantly polished gold bestowed upon them. As a sign of good fortune to come, this special edition keepsake will be a treasured gift for any business office, or family household.

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