$5,000+ Bulk PSA ex-Era Pokemon Unboxing – Sending My Collection Into PSA @COINTABLE ChrisTisdale

Let's unbox my childhood collection that I just sent off to PSA through Chris Tisdale (Chris's YouTube: ) and received recently. Thank you to Chris Tisdale for helping with this submission… it was super nostalgic and interesting from my perspective. Shows some neat lessons in addition to gorgeous art.


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14 Comments on “$5,000+ Bulk PSA ex-Era Pokemon Unboxing – Sending My Collection Into PSA @COINTABLE ChrisTisdale”

  1. Will these cards wind up like beanie babies one day?? I think I’ll stick to coinage and leave these to you younger folks.

    1. I think there’s a good chance they do – I just collect the ones I personally enjoyed collecting a lot when I was younger. I haven’t been buying any recently, though, since I think prices are too high.

  2. Sweet glad to see your into the Pokémon hobby as well. Could possibly be a great investment in the future

    1. Could be! I did well on some of them and sold the ones so that I’m approaching breakeven on the hobby while still having some fun cards in inventory.

  3. Awesome PSA return! I’ve been working on collecting all the EX’s over the past 2 years and have really enjoyed slowly building it up. The majority of the English cards that have holo borders (like the EX’s) are notoriously hard to get in a 10 and I imagine with the recent changes in PSA that’s probably even more the case now. It’s also quite hard to find NM copies at a good price on eBay for a lot of the more rare/desirable ones

    1. Definitely – I made the mistake of going for easier ones as opposed to rarer ones, so the cards I want are now $200+ (have about 25 -ex left). I did pick up a Charizard PSA 2 for about $175… probably overpaid… but the arts are gorgeous. I like better condition cards, but long term will settle for pretty much anything 6 and up. The Rocket’s series eludes me…

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