Rare #penny struck on a #dime planchet


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4 Comments on “$5,000 RARE PENNY DIME COMBO ERROR – CRAZY COIN!!!”

  1. Is THIS a frickin Mandela effect or WTAF!? U know How Long I Been Finding Dime’s!? ESPECIALLY WHERE TF I LIVE! With More Mfkrs Than NOT Droppin Them!?🤔🙄😂

  2. Well I was looking at my brass clad Suzan B Anthony 1979 D and it has toning below it’s releif. ECT , but then I noticed the rom on both sides of the brass Clading Which I couldn’t figure out till I looked at the mint mark D and the FG and noticed why the rim is so sharp it’s because it’s a DOUBLE DIE / Experimental 1979 planchet .
    Thanks for you short as I was thinking it is a Double Denomination / Experimental Planchet when it’s is a Double Die / experimental planchet .
    Would that be a new planchet and a new die they POSIBLY changed out for the new dollar being a Suzan B Anthony in 1979 after any double striking by the Die …
    It goes well with my Scagawea that looks like it is winking at me from a die error ..
    They go great together !!!! Major criteria …..
    I got it loose at the bank when they didn’t have a role of dollar coins I needed .Yeah it’s like try and find dollar coin roles at you local town bank …

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