$50,000+ Coin Unboxing & Guess The Grade: Rare U.S. Type Coin Collecting

Had a really fun and informative time going through a mix of rarer U.S. type coins and practicing grading them!! There were a lot of coins so rare that I hadn't previously encountered them, so I was thankful for today's opportunity. I definitely didn't get all of the grades right, but overall learned a bunch and was able to see a nice mix of coins while developing my eye and sense of how the grading companies view coins. I think it's awesome to get in front of as many coins as I can, and I've been so thankful to Heritage Auctions for hosting me for a wonderful internship… and glad to be able to bring some of their coins to the cameras!

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9 Comments on “$50,000+ Coin Unboxing & Guess The Grade: Rare U.S. Type Coin Collecting”

  1. Neat to be on site at Heritage coins! These are incredible gems. That 1861 quarter eagle is from year Civil War started. Amazing coin. That 1839-O gold coin is also a find.

  2. That beautiful 1800 silver dollar has me jealous. My oldest American coin is a penny from 1812 and it looks like a train ran it over lol

  3. That proof two cent coin was just stunning. To think of how well that must have been maintained over all of this time to be a 66 red, especially given the rate at which copper decays!

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