$630 Silver World Coin & Medals Buy: Stocking Up On UK, Austria, USA, Cuba, & More!!

I recently picked up $630 of world and exonumia silver from a local coin dealer, with the intent of offering them for sale in my sales. Always fun to do an unboxing and check out the items that go through my hands – I am always on the lookout for new countries and related information to these items! This focused a lot on Austrian commemorative silver, UK sterling, and some other domestic types.

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29 Comments on “$630 Silver World Coin & Medals Buy: Stocking Up On UK, Austria, USA, Cuba, & More!!”

    1. @Martin Harris

      No it’s not unusual. I have swiss medals with 3D effects too. For example a Rolf Brem 1978 medal around 35 grams fine silver with the relief of Lucerne from above.

  1. I accidentally bought about a 50 coin foreign collection that would auction nicely with that. Deal?

    1. Interesting! It may be a bit low value to do a consignment (I target $2000+) but if we ever meet in person can check em out!

  2. Very fun and lots of verities awesome that it’s silver at the least. I think you came out well on this bag decent items definitely worth a bit more than you payed I would say🤙🏼 love from Kentucky.

    1. I’ve got around 30 x Schilling Austria in 900 silver but i live in Switzerland. Till 1973 the 50 Schilling Austria was in 900 silver. 1974 or younger it was in 640 silver (oil crisis 1973 and war Israel). I’ve got also 19 x Schilling from Austria in 800 silver.


  4. You got a decent amount of nice coins, but you also got a lot of what normally is called junk silver that’s only worth it’s melt value, but they would also be useful to a person who carves coins since you’re not really damaging a good coin

  5. The 100 Schilling Olympic coins were not only minted in Vienna but also in Hall. So you may look at this in the process of crearing the llots for sale. In the German Empire the mintmark “B” stands for Hanover.

  6. 5:48 Weight 25 grams in 900 silver. I heard many were melted. There is also a 50 francs weight 30 grams in 900 silver with the same design too. The 10 francs are not cheap were i live. Rarely seen for sell under 20 swiss francs.

  7. *Those Austrian silver Olympics are just GORGEOUS! I have a nice amount of them (lower denominations). Pure beauties. :)*

  8. Metals is how it’s spelled. Medals are trinkets won in competition. Plain, simple, period.

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