8 VALUABLE Error Nickels in Pocket Change YOU Should Be Searching For

Here are eight AWESOME valuable nickel errors that you should be looking for in your pocket change! I discuss their values, what makes them worth money, and the different price points based off of condition. Everything is 1963 or newer, so these coins definitely could be lurking in circulation around you! I avoided mint set coins, proof set coins, or other ones that really waste time when remembering things and instead focus on eight ones that people really look for as well as some additional advice on these errors. Hope that you enjoy and remember to let me know if you find any of these doubled die errors, tripled die errors, or repunched mint marks!


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31 Comments on “8 VALUABLE Error Nickels in Pocket Change YOU Should Be Searching For”

    1. I believe one of my first ever videos (like literally my second video) was about it – going way back!!

  1. Christian my young friend your videos are like a library filled with knowledge and positive outlook. You’re a good person . God bless y’all.

  2. Thank you for the video’s that you’re giving us it’s really very informative!!! Stay healthy and be safe..

  3. Thanks for the video, I didn’t know about a lot of these. The only nickel varieties I’ve found are the 1941 large S, a 1953-s w/ a pretty noticeable lamination on the reverse and a 1937-D buffalo rpm.

  4. Thanks again for another informative video Christian❣️ Take care & keep em’ coming😉. ✌️❣️😊

  5. I’m sorry because I’ve been watching your videos for a few years and just revived a phone and subscribed .
    I just want to say that your videos are superior to 99.9% of other channels .. You’re to the facts , clear about the topic & don’t try to constantly sell us products so thanks .

    1. You welcome my fellow collecting colleague . The common denominator in us true collectors is that we do not see dollar value first nor do we lash out towards others who don’t know particular things . We answer questions that are repetitive and are not condescending towards anyone because each new collector wants knowledge . Personal interest trumps dollars regardless of income any day .

  6. Several of these were new to me and I’ve been a collector for a lot of years !?! You did great on the pics and explanations in a well edited amount of time – nice work – thanks kindly for posting this !!

  7. Is there anyway you could enlarge and color your pointer/curser during these videos it’s hard to see exactly what you’re pointing at when trying to describe these things as I am learning by every single video that you put out and I do appreciate these videos they are very helpful and knowledgeable just thought I would share some insight thank you again

  8. Hey Christian when you are explaining to people how to look for double dies you should not use the word shell thing cause that is a word we use when we are explaining machine doubled coins to people but great video can’t wait to see what comes out next

  9. Hey Christian and one more thing when explaining the re-punching of the mint marks you should’ve added in that they stopped re-punching the mint mark into the die starting in 1990 show 1989 is the last year you can find re-punched immense

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