90% Silver coin Lot “BULLION” $10.00 Face Lots. NO JUNK!

We are offering these Ten dollar face lots of 90% Silver coins to you! There is no 40% silver or 35% Silver war nickels. These lots will add up to a $ 10.00 of face value. In each lot you may receive any combination of the following to get this $ 10.00 Mark:

Barber dimes Barber Quarters Walking Half Dollars
Mercury Dimes Standing Liberty Quarters Franklin Half Dollars
Roosevelt Dimes Washington Quarters Kennedy Half Dollar

There is no guarantee of what types of coins you will receive as these lots are pre-made. However, you will get $ 10.00 Face of 90% Silver coins! Great way to invest, collect or get someone into coins. Silver is on the rise again do not miss out on this.

Amazon Price: $ 229.00

Used Price: $ 199.99

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