AACGS Coin Grading SCAM Company – A Hilarious Warning For Coin Collectors (Crackout)

Even the one coin I thought looked OK was a horrible waste of money… here is a discussion about rogue grading companies. At a super basic level, stick to PCGS and NGC, but for the more daring, ANACS and ICG may house some decent coins and this is in the wild wild west… I hadn't heard of the slab before seeing these. I bought the coins for below melt or face value, but I lost money with the one submission I tried sending in hahaha – anyone else see anything good in one of these slabs??


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16 Comments on “AACGS Coin Grading SCAM Company – A Hilarious Warning For Coin Collectors (Crackout)”

  1. There all private corporations.. The difference is perceived value of each company. But there’s no official grading service

    1. I think so – but the Sheldon scale as established is something to respect… these coins are used by marketers to sell to people claiming that their coins are worth the PCGS/NGC standard.

  2. there is 9 on ebay right now. nothing worth buying though. never seen or heard of them ty for the info

  3. Okay…how do you know they are not accurate? Grading is subjective! What PCGS says it’s an MS66, while NGC will call it MS67+.

    1. The company is used to market coins (I think it is defunct) – you can’t grade them yourself (there isn’t a place I can go online and send the coins to them) – so they are used to rip people off and send them far more expensive coins than their true values are.

  4. Still all in all that 68 Kennedy is a pretty nice cameo, from this end it almost appeared to be deep cameo, and are they still in business?😁✌️👍

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