5 Comments on “Alternatives to Precious Metals Investing”

  1. Good point about the service cost. I’m a little leery of pre-owned due to
    authenticity and/or possible internal modifications (non-factory
    components, etc.) that could decrease the value. I usually buy from ADs in
    St. Thomas, due to the generous duty-free allowance and I can usually
    haggle and meet or exceed the grey market pricing for the same timepieces.

  2. G’day mate! Beep beep beep. Backing up the truck. Re alternative/off the
    wall investments… I wish I’d grabbed all the old computers at the
    university where I worked 15-20 years ago. They were from the late 70s and
    early 80s. They all ended up in the trash. Vintage computer prices are
    going thru the roof.

  3. I do not think there is a lot out there to invest in, besides precious
    metals. I think although gold and silver are in a short term downward
    spiral, the long term outlook is good. I do not know much about Swiss watch
    collecting, so I am going to watch your video on it. Some friends of mine
    have suggested collecting works of art, antiques or paintings. However, I
    am a little ambivalent on this. If one gets into this sort of thing, you do
    need to do a lot of research about paintings and artists

  4. Irix, let’s categorize this stuff correctly. Watches are a ‘collectible’ as
    are vintage cars, rare books, vintage movie posters, sports memorabilia,
    comic books, etc. Other alternative assets would be rare wine(& spirits),
    art, antiques, & even race horses. The primary problem is that they’re all
    really illiquid, more than pm’s. 2ndly, they all have unique carry costs,
    often really expensive. Going premium rate at auction houses is 20-25% for
    both the seller & buyer. I can go on from here.

  5. In terms, of investing I think its a risky business anyway you go. In
    terms, of watches they are decent if you stick to very well known brands.
    However, watches need to be serviced which is expensive. They are also an
    item that can not just sit in a safety deposit box as this can mess with
    the movement. Furthermore, I would suggest always going pre-owned as that
    how one can get the best deal. But be careful, in terms of condition,
    warranty, authenticity etc.

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