AMAZING BANK FIND $50 STAR NOTE series 1963A – Collectible U.S. Currency

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22 Comments on “AMAZING BANK FIND $50 STAR NOTE series 1963A – Collectible U.S. Currency”

  1. Congratulations! Today I found a 1996 one cent with Lincoln face,date and
    liberty doubled die

  2. That’s a good $70-$80 note right there. Awesome! That’s from Cleveland,
    that should be over here!!!

  3. I went to an amusement park on a school field trip and as I was leaving, I
    noticed out of the corner of my eye a little nickel lying next to a metal
    pole. When I picked it up and looked at it, in noticed that the date on it
    was 1939, one of the oldest I have found on the ground because I always
    pick up any money I see on the ground.

  4. Just today I got my first uncirculated 2015 coin, my first 2015 coin at all

  5. Really great find! Got an 1981 A randomly at the bank today. Certainly not
    as jazzed up as yours but always surprises me how paper money is preserved
    for so long.

  6. Did you say you found that $50 bill through your bank. Either way it’s a
    nice crisp star note. Do they have books or websites to look up how much
    they are worth? How do you protect it against the elements. Do you sell
    some of your findings on ebay? If you do send me a link to your auctions.

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    Acrylic Paperweight

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