Amazing Melting Pure Gold Technology – Modern Gold Coins and Bars Manufacturing Process

Amazing Melting Pure Gold Technology – Modern Gold Coins and Bars Manufacturing Process after gold rush.
In this video:
1. Melting pure gold traditional process:
2. Making gold bars in Uganda's African Gold Refinery:
3. Gold and silver coin manufacturing process: , ,
4. South African Gold Refinery.
5. Gold and silver vault:
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76 Comments on “Amazing Melting Pure Gold Technology – Modern Gold Coins and Bars Manufacturing Process”

  1. Was never really interested In precious metals until recently,not only there a good investment but Also very cool to have and to think the long trip it took from being made by mother nature,being mined to your hand.

    1. Precious metals are not made by mother nature they were made during a super nova then spread on earth millions years ago. So there quantity is limited.

  2. If you can get pass the overall VALUE of this metal, it is absolutely “BEAUTIFUL” just to simply look at and to see it processed it to various form is nothing short of AMAZING!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👌🏾👍🏾❤💯

    1. @Gail depending on the compounds in the impurities it’s either recycled for someone else to process or just thrown away

    1. @CryptoStunnah Well they sure didn’t clarify so I had too otherwise it’ll stick when someone tries this at home.

    1. Did you think Gold was found in the mountains in the form of a bar? lol hahaha.. it takes one ton of rock to get something smaller than a dime. You do the calculation.

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  3. Must be tough working in this job, seeing so much wealth literally in the palm of your hands but you can’t have it.

  4. This entire video is only truly interesting to those who know about melting precious metal. Without telling you what’s happening it’s hard to appreciate it. This video is just eye candy.

  5. 3:55 I cannot get over how little pressure is used to get the mark on the gold bar. Like, I knew gold was on the softer side of metals beforehand but that really was the dot on the i and cross on the t. Amazing.

    1. Well… it’s slow and shallow but doesn’t mean that the pressure is at low level

    2. Yeah pure gold is pretty malleable that’s why it is mixed with other metals while creating jewellery

  6. This is strangely satisfying to watch. I enjoy watching things being made. Also totally get why people obsess over gold now, such an alluring glow.

  7. My first time browsing gold markets as a kid was me thinking if it was more than I expected it to cost or less.

  8. My father used to be a foreman in the State Mint of Hungary. They melted down several kilos of gold every day, to make all kinds of half-products. He once arranged a permit to let me visit, it was amazing. They were using modern electric vacuum furnaces. It’s required to achieve 99.999% purity, and the product couldn’t even get a stamp if it was exposed to air before it solidified and cooled down.

    1. Did you ever get to keep any gold as a gift, you or your father? If you had to buy it, were you or your father able to?

    2. Was security ever super tight around those facilities and inside of them? Aren’t those heavy gold bars worth around 750k each? 😳

    3. @Danny Green Yes, my dad was able to buy jewellery and all kinds of coins with a discount. He was also able to get 18 karat gold for my engagement ring.

    4. @Dre locs Surprisingly, no, security wasn’t much tighter than in any factory. There was even a burglary once. A worker tipped off two of his buddies who pried open a window and stole some half-products. They were soon caught.

  9. There is something strangely beautiful about this metal even In ingot form. If it was steel or iron ingots it wouldn’t mean a thing. So much concentrated wealth. One bar, just one would set me up for life.

    1. @Arthouse Commons a gold bar is 12.4 kg (438.9 oz), the current value per gram is $56, so one god bar is $694,000. Seems like being set up for life, that’s a house, plus money in the bank.

    2. @juanchoja It might seem like quite a bit at first but if you don’t have passive income you will drain it a lot quicker than you think.

  10. Why isn’t there a love button instead of like? I absolutely love to see the process behind the gold and silver coins!

  11. Wow! What an amazing video! The content is very informative. Thank you for sharing with the world these processes hardly taught/shown at schools. My young nieces will be amazed looking at this! 😀

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  12. This is amazing! I was really struggling with melting down my millions of dollars in gold bars I have sitting around ! Now I can do them all more efficiently 🤣

  13. That’s amazing. Imagine just one bar of that gold is enough to set most people’s lives straight. Not for life but to at least get a home and maybe a car. Wow this is amazing

    1. yes for sure, if they worked and saved and bought gold. but you give that bar to someone and itll be gone in a week. someone can give you 20 million dollars but if you spend 19 million on garbage youll be worse off than ever. then comes the debt. look at lottery winners. theres no value to money that you havent earned (in most cases)

  14. fantastic video Everybody wants to be financially independent and live a better life. With savvy investing, an inexpensive lifestyle, and diligent budgeting, this is not difficult to do. I’m glad I realised early on that achieving financial freedom requires hard work.

    1. @James Vigor Please let me know the name and phone number of the consultant who helps you with your investment.

  15. I’m 48 years old single mother living in Hamburg. I’m hoping to retire at 50 if things keep going well for me. Bought my first house last month and I can’t be more proud than I am right now. I’m so glad made great decisions about my finances that changed me forever.

    1. @sky fatihThat’s awesome!!! I know nothing about investment and I’m keen on getting started. What are your strategies?

    2. As a beginner investor, it’s essential for you to have a mentor to keep you accountable. Myself I’m guided by Mrs Monica Ramirez, a widely known crypto consultant💪

    3. Wow!! Kind of in shock, you mentioned Mrs Monica She has proved beyond all doubt that it’s worth generating wealth from crypto investment. I’ve been earning greatly

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