AMP Gold and Precious Metals Portfolio: The Gold Investor’s Handbook

Why Gold and Precious Metals and Why Now ? The proven stock market strategies and selections for gold and precious metals investors. Key : There is always money to be made by investing in the right stocks at the right time.Did you know that roughly half of a stock’s price movement can be attributed to the group that it’s in?• Did you also know that often times a mediocre stock in a top performing group will outperform a ‘great’ stock in a poor performing group?• And did you also know that the top 10% of sectors outperformed the most? Do you want to learn more about how to choose the right stocks to build your portfolio and to profitably trade the volatility in the market ? This book includes an overview of the most recent market news and developments – the direction of the economy , interest rates and what THAT MEANS for our stock market selections in the precious metals sector that will benefit most in the current economic conditions. Knowing the latest market directions will provide you an advantage in building your portfolio – to align your stock selections tol take advantage of market trends . KEY : We discuss individual stock selections and portfolios – the best stocks/sectors to invest in now (and for the future). We show you our proven trading strategies and the simple but very effective trading techniques that you can use to profit and build a winning portfolio.

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