ANA eLearning Academy – US National Bank Note Counterfeits + Counterfeits of Chinese Paper Money

19th Century US National Bank Note Counterfeits plus Counterfeits of Chinese Paper Money Coming from China

This two-hour presentation will cover two topics. We will start with counterfeits of large-size national bank notes that were mostly circulated in the 19th century. When the Bureau of Engraving and Printing assumed the responsibility for printing national currency, many employees of the contract printers who had been doing this work no longer had jobs. Some turned their skills to creating notes on the QT; those are what we will examine. As bad notes were identified in circulation, these craftsmen modified the plates they were using so that notes of a different bank became their product. One can trace several generations of counterfeits to single original plates. After the break, we will take up more modern products – notes of China from 1948 to today being pushed into Western markets from Chinese sources. The market for Chinese paper money has been overheated, but is still quite active; if you collect these series, you need to see this presentation. As for all of my presentations, you will be best served if you watch the introductory session on printing technologies. Go to and look for “Printing Technologies and Introduction to Counterfeit Detection.”

Presenter: Joseph E. Boling

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