ASE Mint State Intercept Shield Deluxe Coin Album 7.6×9.75 (Item: 21488)

This Intercept Shield Deluxe coin album is designed to hold American Eagle silver dollar mint states minted between 1986 and 2012. It has 4 internal pages designed with Corrosion Intercept materials and comes with a slip cover for additional protection of your coins.

Corrosion Intercept Technology was developed and patented by Lucent Technologies Bell Labs for the storage and preservation of copper, nickel, silver, and gold coins, medallions, bars, and medals. Because this product is designed without volatile oils or additives it is guaranteed not to contaminate the item it is used to protect. The specially designed Intercept lining of this album reacts with and neutralizes gases in the air which normally cause coins to spot, discolor, or tarnish. While Intercept technology will not remove existing tarnish, it will allow coins to remain in their current state of preservation.

To maintain maximum corrosion protection it is recommended that this Intercept Shield product be replaced every fifteen years.

Price: 23.49

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