Auction announcement for Saturday! Leave a comment!

Please read the rules and leave a comment, if you wish to participate in our free GAW.
See you all at 6 pm Central!

Auction Info:
• You must be 18 years or older to bid
• Every item has a starting bid and it goes in increments of $1.00 up to $99 and $5 increments for bids for $100 and up
• The starting bid price is entirely an opinion of the Host/Hosts not an actual item value
• We reserve the right to cancel any bid or withdraw an item
• First time bidders need to place $25 refundable deposit to our PayPal account: before they place a bid
• Payment must be made by the end of the auction; first time bidders need to pay right after their first auction win
If you don’t comply, you will be excluded from bidding in our future auctions. Unpaid items will be reauctioned at the end of the same auction.
• No numbers in the chat unless it’s a bid
• During an auction, please keep the chatting to a minimum, also we can’t answer question not related to the auction. We need to look at the bids and don’t want to miss anyone.
• You don’t need to be a member to participate.
• The only payment option is PayPal – JBCOINSINC@GMAIL.COM;
Please select “goods & service” when paying for your items. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR YOUTUBE SCREEN NAME in a note section on PayPal
• Shipping cost is $5, no matter how many items you buy or its value
PROHIBITED FROM BIDDING: Kawaii Cat; Jonathan Dusty; Joel Bailey; Christopher Valasquez; Nestor Ortiz; C-Loc; Victor Fees; Lana Babin; Lalalalak Lill; GOLD ONE; Laura Hiltz; Arturo; coins and more; Noel Fernandez; Timothy Lee; Tim Snow; Info Genius Tamil; Dollie Mainor; Richard Robinson; Jana Borreson; Mr.Joseph N Lambert Sr.; Michael Tillman; EliseOBautist; Rick Murazzo; Jimmy Sanchez; Shirley Lynch; Marcus Cunningham;
Brent Mason; Stephen L Moody

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FTC Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video. This video is not affiliated nor endorsed by YouTube. YouTube is not a sponsor of this Giveaway. By entering this Giveaway, you release YouTube from any and all liability related to this Giveaway. All items in our giveaways were either purchased by us or given to us to be used in said giveaways. Giveaways on this channel are held in accordance with YouTube Community Guidelines and YouTube Terms of Service. Any entries not following the YouTube Community Guidelines will be disqualified. Personal data sent to us is for the sole purpose of sending the item(s) won and will not be shared with any third party nor used for any other purpose. Giveaways are void where prohibited by law.
FREE GIVEAWAYS: Limited to US only. No Purchase necessary. To be included in our free GAW’s during the livestream on 08/06/22, you must leave a comment that answer the question we asked in this video and be present in the live stream, and answer within a 60 sec when we call your name. Free giveaways will occur at 100 likes then in increments of 100, and at the end of the stream.
We will use a random comment picker for all of our giveaways to randomly chose the winner from all those who chose to participate. Winners need to send us an email to with YouTube name, real name, mailing address and what prize they won. Winners have 7 days to contact us to claim their prize.
Once the package leaves JBCOINSINC, we are not talking any responsibility for missing packages by the carrier.


20 Comments on “Auction announcement for Saturday! Leave a comment!”

  1. Nice coverage, but if you stay invested and ignore the market’s ups and downs, you’ll make a lot of money in the long run; however, a severe market correction causes a lot of margin calls and sell-offs, driving the market even lower. People get greedy in this bull market, and it’s extremely irresistible (fear of missing out) .I think there should be videos to educate newbies on what to do aside hodling rather than just discussing the dip. The good thing about the space is that you can buy the dip and put them into active trades while you confidently and patiently wait for a pump which is inevitable. Lots of ‘experts’ out there use charts to make an analytical prediction of where the prices will be heading but they can never explain why BTC went to $67k and then dumped to below $20k.Charts won’t guarantee what an asset will do in the future, so it is better we play safe like I’ve been doing, implementing trades with insights and signals from a renowned trader, Leonard Yeoh. I made 7.5 BTC from the recent crash in a period of three weeks..

  2. My bank happens to be in a Walmart I think it’s one of the best places to go and get coin rolls I get lots of great finds there all the time so Bank would be my answer

  3. Sad news, my only LCS has closed. I will definitely be watching tonight and will be a customer from now on! Thank you Mr. J and Mrs. B. Can’t wait for tonight!

  4. I consider myself lucky, I found a pretty reliable bank to get my coins for coin roll hunting. So I prefer my bank. The closest LCS uses another website cc prices so I don’t buy from them. Cya tonight.

  5. Good morning J and B, I like getting my coin rolls from the bank. Have never heard of, or thought of getting them from the local coin shop. And wont they want to charge you a small fee? Bank is straight exchange. See you later this evening. Stay positive and be kind.

  6. It really doesn’t matter. I haven’t had any really special moments to judge by. Keep watching.

  7. I prefer getting the coins from the bank coins shops pick through and get the goods and price them a little higher . I Like finding something on my own.

  8. I’m a new collector. I’m learning. I think I prefer from my bank. If I have questions, can I send it to your email address?

  9. The comments give great advice. I will try the bank but I really enjoy old coins. So, I will have to figure out how to achieve both! lol. Thanks!

  10. I USED to enjoy grabbing my rolls from my local coin shop which closed down JUST A FEW MONTHS BEFORE the plandemic hit (how could they possibly have known that?). Sure, I grabbed some amazing rolls then. And so today, I have no choice other than to grab them from my banks. The thing I did not appreciate when grabbing rolls from that coin shop, was the fact that the shop owners went through some of the rolls for the good stuff, resealing them afterward (how could I possibly have know that???). 🙄

  11. I like getting rolls from my bank! I know the tellers and ALWAYS have a good time chatting with them!

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