BEST Gold Stacking Guide For Beginners – Everything You Need To Know About Gold 101

This video discusses everything a beginner should know about buying gold. There are three main things to consider when doing so: low premiums, easy liquidity, and safety of storage, and we get into a lot of the things tangential to that as well as experiences I've learned from surrounding gold. I've worked in a coin shop for about six years and been around a ton of gold trades, so what I'm talking about comes from what I've seen and helped high net worth individuals create gold portfolios. I'd be curious about your thoughts on gold – please leave them in a comment as there are always things I overlook or fail to mention and would want to hear your thoughts.


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34 Comments on “BEST Gold Stacking Guide For Beginners – Everything You Need To Know About Gold 101”

  1. Hey I know I’m only ten but I’ve been thinking about stacking gold and silver and you have really been helping me make the choice

    1. I’m 54 and I don’t even stack gold because of the prices. Silver is just easier.
      @Mr Coin …do you have a favorite type of silver coin you collect or would like to collect?

  2. Chris, you should have a little more knowledge with some of the stuff you do vids with.😁 Good video, going to share with others in my club(s).👍👌

  3. I was able to snag a couple 1/10 oz gold before the prices went way up, so I was able to recuperate the premiums and then some. Gold and silver are not just an investment, but a protection of value against the dollar. So even with the premiums, you’re better off than holding cash in a tanking economy. The hardest thing will be finding buyers. That’s why I think smaller increments are better. Anything over 1 oz gold will be difficult to liquidate.

  4. Christian, you are wise beyond your years.I love seeing someone your age speak with such clarity and wisdom. Keep up the great work!

  5. I have been collecting AND investing in gold for 53 years. Got my first piece ($2 1/2)at coin club raffle when I was 15. Agree with every word you spoke and if you knew me that does”t happen much!. Cutting to the chase – 1ounce Krugerands are the only ticket. EVERY other has higher premium.These are not the most beautiful coins I find them very boring – so I have let my collector side push me towards American gold several times and don’t feel terrible about paying a little more. The Buffalo is SO beautiful – HAD to have. Also damaged historic pieces can be very reasonable. I have bought damaged $5 pieces for close to spot.

    1. Thanks so much for the comment! And I bet that your investments have really paid off if you started that long ago! Great job!

  6. The coin you didn’t know is the 1957 Mexico Gold Centennial of Constitution Medal. It is an emerging collectible. I see auction prices for it have been rising. It’s 1.2 ozs of gold. To top it off it’s a gorgeous looking thing.

  7. Would you rather get a 1/4 oz .9999 gold Maple Leaf for $515, or a 10 pesos Mexico .900 gold coin(0.2411 oz) for $485, after taking into consideration such things as popularity and liquidity and other factors? The Maple is about $49 more per oz.

  8. The 10G(Gulden) gold, as we call it in Holland; the gouden tientje is the best catch here with 90% gold it has 6,048 gram pure gold. So 0,1947 Troy ounce. Older people sell it on a Dutch open market website under spot.

  9. What are your opinions on pre1933 raw gold such as the 5 and 10 coins? Are they worth it for investment or just for a numismatic value?

  10. Too many people compare spot gold price to that of stocks and such. You may indeed invest money into gold, but gold is more than, or not even, an investment. It is a wealth preservation tool. Great content!

  11. Buy low and sell high. Right now silver and gold are super high, so it’s a bad time to buy. But, if you’re new it might be a good idea to buy in so that you’ll be paying attention when the prices begin to fall. Or set up a separate savings account so you can really back up the truck when the time is right.

  12. I’d like to see more videos about sovereigns and other smaller gold currencies like francs, that have lower premiums. You know, the cheaper gold coins that the online bullion dealers don’t carry. That stuff doesn’t get talked about on these channels unless it’s some British guy for some reason. They sell well on ebay, so the “may have trouble selling” line doesn’t really hold water. Most YouTubers act like the only gold is the stuff that the online dealers are selling. For some reason.

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