Best of Pawn Stars: Soviet Launch Keys | History

Rick must decide whether or not to go in big on a pair of Soviet launch keys in this scene from "Best of Pawn Stars: Dangerous Deals."

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Pawn Stars
Season 16
Episode 13
Best of Pawn Stars: Dangerous Deals

"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

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68 Comments on “Best of Pawn Stars: Soviet Launch Keys | History”

    1. Codes are hackable? Good luck with that. Most of the time hacks do not target the “code”, but parts of the operating system or weak spots of accessory parts or drivers. Stuff you will not find/ be able to access on the launch systems.

    1. Yeah his offers are like: “yeah so my expert said $30,000 – I’m thinking $10 and half of this bean burrito

    1. @MiddKnight Dream hes thinks ppl have forgot where to put the $ sign but the reality is ppl on the net do it on purpose for the fun of it

    1. Russian man : I take keys

      Two days later : what’s that flash in the distance OH GOD WHY DID WE SELL THOSE KE….

  1. There was a radio interview a few months later where the expert redacts his original statement and confirms that they are indeed nuclear launch keys. They sold on eBay for around 5k

    Rick: Best I can do is put the blind down on the window, but im taking a huge risk.

  3. I am a big fan of history and pawn stars really got me more into it by teaching me and a lot of other people about the stories and items that come through that door.

  4. It’s strange to see how simple they look, and having a strong history about it is even more interesting because you wouldn’t think much of it unless you finally know what it really is.

  5. Guy: I’ve got an original Stradivarius violin, worth millions, but I want 500k for it
    Rick: Let me call in a buddy to see if it’s real
    Buddy: It’s real
    Rick: Well y’know It’s a piece of wood with string I could make in my backyard, It’s a tough sell, best I can do is 500 bucks
    Him: *deal.*

  6. *rick fills us car with $100 of gas*
    Gas station: that’s $100
    Rick: I can do 50, and that’s taking a risk
    Gas station: wh-
    Rick: let me call in my buddy
    Buddy: yeah that’s $100 of gas
    Rick: ok I can do 30, no more

    1. Problem with items like this is: there’s not really a big market for it. It ain’t old money or collectible cards which are popular items to collect. This is one of those items for which you could find a buyer who gives you tens of thousands of dollars, or just sit on them for years not being able to find anyone interested. You people need to realize that just a fact that something is rare or one of a kind doesn’t automatically mean it’s worth a million dollars. That ain’t how free market works. It’s about supply and demand. You could have very low supply, but if demand is also very low, then the price won’t be that outstanding.

    2. Jakub Pawelczyk Who are you referring to ‘you people’? And I’m not saying that there is a big market all I said was that if someone wanted say the keys for example that only a couple of people in the world have then they would be willing to pay a fair price for it. The only reason I replied to the knobhead above me was because it was blatantly obvious he was trying to start an argument.

  7. Rick always drops the “it’s going to be hard to market” line when he really wants something.
    Love the show, but people who pawn/sell are frickin NUTS.

  8. Those launch keys are priceless. There are only about 50 to 100 of those from the Soviet era, most of which have not survived. Tick lost a golden deal.
    In auction, those keys would have been 25 grand each.

    1. ​@EuroDefendersContact the Russian Embassy and offer? I dunno. I wouldn’t try to sell it now. Its not the time.

  9. I like how he put it in a $10.99 box to feel cooler. I’d just put it on my Keychain 🤣

  10. I love Mark. All the authentication with none of the drama. Really cool guy. Plus that is an awesome collectible. I’d love to have those.

  11. I love how Rick always says he is taking the risk, when this show is a giant commercial for millions of people to come buy what he has in his shop.

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