Box loaded with silver

WillsTreasure's 11:00 AM

Silver Bull30 11:15 AM

WildWest Stacker 11:30 AM

Plumber Stacker 11:45 AM

Everyday Coppertunity 12:00 PM

Pistol Packing Pilot 12:15 PM

Ring Master Ray 12:30 PM

Mrs. COIN CREW 12:45 PM

5 Comments on “Box loaded with silver”

  1. Good morning RING MASTER RAY. ITS GONNA BE AN AWESOME DAY PEACE ☮️😎🤡💰🍀👋🇺🇸✌️✝️

  2. That 1/20th fractional Libertad looks awesome. I had no idea they made bullion that small. Great vid as always!

  3. That giant quarter is really cool, this is the first time I’ve seen that reverse design, thanks Will!

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