Buffalo nickel you should know about!

We talk about the buffalo nickel you should know about. We cover many facts about the Buffalo Nickels in general and talking about prices in different grades. If you like Buffalo Nickels you need to watch this video.

Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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23 Comments on “Buffalo nickel you should know about!”

    1. That’s the 😎 , and I love buffalo nickels. Don’t have any but plan to get some. Thank you JBCOINS .

  1. No I didnt kno that they were that valuable thats amazing Money I Jus think of all the Coin rolls i could Search through with that kindah Money 😆

  2. Listen all the coins are good it’s just how you look at them some like the color some like the imperfections,and how much a collectors will pay for it !for me a coin it’s at best peak when it’s has been handle in circulation !all the S coins D coins and P coins that are in the box nice and clean for me they don’t have value no history just a history when it was made not who had it and passed it on to generation to generation!No one puts a price on my coins you buffoon!

  3. I have three grandsons and I’m saving coins for each of them and some of these great U.S. Coins that they’ll be getting from their grandpa is the Buffalo nickel. Yeah!

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