Buffalo nickel you should know about! Super rare coins to look for!

We talk about buffalo nickel you should know about. Super rare coin to look for, worth great money even in low grades. It is a very well known variety.
If you're collecting or like Buffalo Nickels this video is for you.
Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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20 Comments on “Buffalo nickel you should know about! Super rare coins to look for!”

  1. Buff’s have always been one of my favorite coins. Especially as a youngster. Never searched rolls. I wish they did not wear so bad on the date. I might get one of the larger silver ones one day.

  2. I search rolls of nickel a few rolls a week. I did not know to look for this. Thank you for the information. My nickels are circulated and pulling some very cool 64s and a few bu proofs from the 80s.

    Being new, I wish I had a Indian Head, buffalo but most of mine are the 60-80s.
    Will definitely keep looking.

  3. I have a few, haven’t had a chance yet to search them. Great information to definitely look for. I’ve always love Buffalo nickels. Hope all is well with you ❤️

  4. Awesome video. Earliest find for me was a 1916 Buffalo not in great shape but best find was last night, 2 44 Ps in one box. Thx for these videos!

  5. Yes I hunt boxes of nickels when I can get them. The best find I’ve found in a box was some war nickels!

  6. I love the buffalo nickels I found a few coin role hunting nickel boxes all 1937 but in bad shape but still a great find

  7. I have searched boxes of Nickel’s before. I’ve found some nice coin’s, but of course not the 18 over 7. The nicest was a 1924 D in good shape.

  8. I purchased several boxes from my bank but haven’t gone through them yet. I’m looking forward to going through them.

  9. I haven’t hunted nickels in a while.. However I did find a 1928 Buffalo in a roll once. Thanks for another great video J&B.

  10. Hey guys wanted to say thanks for what y’all do!! Always had interest but I have just started collecting I guess you can say “full time” or all in. . So I haven’t searched any nickel rolls yet but the best nickel I may have is a black beauty or at least I hope that’s what it is. thanks again for yalls time and knowledge

  11. Buffaloe nickles are pretty cool. I like the expression on the Indians face. Thanks for the info you always bring. I have never done a box hunt of nickels though.

  12. Yes ive hunted boxes of nickles and seriously enjoy them just because they are easier on the eyes but they are also harder to find in nice years and conditions and my best find so far is a near perfect 1988-d that I think looks too new but not because of the shine but because of the “skin” it has, flawless open fields and no rubbing or marks on the high points either the reverse has full steps too

  13. The buffalos were one of my favorite coins, most in my collection were dateless due to wear. Then I discovered war nickels, lol.

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