Caribou (2013): 1/10 oz Pure Gold Coin Forsale

Fourth coin in this popular 1/10 oz pure gold series!

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For Canadians, the caribou embodies the tale of this nation’s ageless landscape. In the caribou, you see a vast migratory journey through space and time. You relate to its resilience, its ability, across the massive span of millennia and kilometres, to nourish itself and thrive in harsh, remote conditions. The Caribou teaches you the lessons of survival in this land: the benefits of slow, steady progress borne of tireless effort; the safety of the herd against predators large and small; and your intrinsic interconnection with the world you inhabit.

It is no surprise that this unique animal is a Canadian icon, celebrated since 1937 on Canada’s 25-cent circulation coin, official animal of Newfoundland and Labrador, and shield-bearer of the Nunavut coat of arms. Order yours today!

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