Civil War Token Roll Unboxing – Sweet Finds & Semi Key Dates FOUND Searching Wheat Pennies

Had a chance to search a rare penny roll with an 1863 Civil War Token on the end as well as an Indian Head Cent on the other end – which weren't the only interesting coins in the hunt by any means! I started a folder filler type series as well so that we could see how good of a collection we'd be able to come up with from searching only rare rolls. Looking forward to seeing what else we can come up with in the future – I'd like to get a 3 Cent Silver, 3 Cent Nickel, and a few other rare ones to open up!!


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32 Comments on “Civil War Token Roll Unboxing – Sweet Finds & Semi Key Dates FOUND Searching Wheat Pennies”

  1. I can’t believe you’ve never got an Indian head bank roll hunting! Last year I got two in one bank roll

  2. I have a Federal Union Army&Navy Civil War Token. Can’t believe how many different Tokens were made during the war.

  3. Hi Christian, doubt if you will find anything significant from e bay rolls, but fun to watch and gives you content. Thanks. Bill.

    1. That’s often how I’m thinking about it… plus scratches the “what if” itch and reminds me of hunting them when I was a young (6 yo) kid

  4. Your token is common, but in great condition, so it still has considerable value. A few decent Lincolns. I’d say you just about got your money’s worth.

  5. only ever found one wild indian. It was a 1904 i found in a change jar my grandfather had. he gets lots of change then empties it at the end of the year, who knows what has passed through there.

  6. I live “right up the road” from you in Vermont across Plattsburgh & Lake Champlain.
    I’ve been to Troy, Albany and Schenectady the tri cities region a few times as well
    as when I visited my cousin at Marist College in Poughkeepsie. I also have a friend
    that lives in Rhinebeck. I live almost directly from Rouses Point NY. NICE FINDS!

  7. What’s up man, can you reply to my email , I understand your busy and that’s fine 🙂 take your time

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