Coin Collecting Hot Take: Don’t Play The Top Pop Collecting Game – Here’s Why

If I had to give a piece of advice to someone willing to splash some cash in the coin arena, I'd tell them to hold off with the top pop collecting game!


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5 Comments on “Coin Collecting Hot Take: Don’t Play The Top Pop Collecting Game – Here’s Why”

  1. I just collect what I like the look of not based on value but I do make sure I’m not getting ripped off

  2. When I buy a coin I look at the attractiveness of the coin. I don’t know how many coins which are certified as MS-65 and look like they’ve been through the ringer. And then I’ve seen other coins graded as AU-55 to AU-58 which look much better than an MS-60 to MS-64. I would much rather buy a ‘raw’ coin than a certified coin any day, with the exception of rarer dates when I look to see if the coin is genuine and ignore the grade. I’ve put a really nice partial set of Morgan dollars together (mostly EF to Unc in my opinion) of which only one coin is graded, but has been cleaned without that designation added to the slab.

  3. Here’s a good example of what you are saying. In 2009 there was only one single PCGS graded PR70DCAM example of the 1974 S Clad Washington Quarter and it sold for $10,925 in a Heritage auction on 1/1/2009. As I write, there are now currently 110 such examples and they regularly sell for around $500!.

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