Coin Collecting versus silver bullion

Coin Collecting – Numismatics versus Bullion Collecting. A look at some nice Perth Mint Silver Coins, Kilo Bullion Bar with a discussion about collecting. So…
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When trying to identify real gold coins, buy from a reputable dealer that has a certified appraiser. Identify gold coins and avoid buying them from estate sa…

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  1. @drac060 No they put into something like a 401K. We here have super fund
    managers and they invest your money how they see fit, those obviously many
    will invest in companies like BHP, Rio Tinto, etc – major world miners – so
    a super fund will have some exposure to metal producers but they are
    unlikely to hold physical bullion.

  2. Koalas and kookaburras are not bullion coins they carry about a 15 dollar
    where an American eagle there is a 3 dollar premium

  3. It’s possible to buy numismatics (collectable coins) at bullion prices just
    have to shop around. I know cause I have done it. You must know 2 things 1.
    bullion price/weight per coin 2. Coin quality grade ( try to get the top
    mint condition). It’s a double win transaction. Good hunting mate!

  4. I was wondering why the post office were selling 1oz silver coins for $115,
    they must be Numismatic, I think I’ll be sticking with the Bullion coins!
    🙂 thanks for the info!

  5. Let me get this right… In your country your employer places in a silver
    account a certain % of your annual income in your name… for retirement?

  6. Great video , If anyone else has beenlooking for how to collect your very
    own valuable coin collection easily it’s worth thinking about – banfan coin
    collecting genie (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)?
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  7. I don’t think I will ever buy gold. It’s just to pricey and the only ones I
    want are far more expensive than the melt value.

  8. Great job with this one! Wow, this guy can probably talk for hours, on any
    subject, giving you absolutely no useful information! Thanks a whole lot!

  9. these are just precautions not identifcations he dosent even tell me how to
    test it with a sound test or anything

  10. Gold and brass can look alike. Gold would weigh more and be more expensive.
    Brass is usually found in our presidential dollars 2007 -.

  11. Unfortunately there is no full proof way to determine if a gold coin is a
    fake without cutting it in half. Tungsten has the same density as gold and
    a coin with a tungsten core would fool the best coin dealer if it were
    stamped with a precision die. Tungsten is MUCH cheaper than gold so it pays
    for a forger to use it. A company in China called Chinatungsten even
    advertises their ability to make any size or shape tungsten piece which can
    be used as a core.

  12. i have more coin collection and paper money also… most of them were from
    Middle East Countries,…. I have also a canadian coin and European
    Countries …. I want to have a more coin collection for my self only…..

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