22 Comments on “Coin collector 1024 is NOT a scammer!!”

  1. Yeah, he’s not technically a scammer, but I would never trust someone who
    took 2 months to ship ten coins.

  2. Oh Shit…. Had I known it was You(coincollector1024), I would NOT have
    made these comments. This person is a known and credible participant and
    seller here on YT. I just (wrongly) assumed this was a random person trying
    to pull a fast one. When I saw the icon, I knew better. MY BAD.

  3. Vtg never sent me all my coins so i’m the scammer? Nm219 I sent my coins to
    him and never got anything back and i’m the scammer? It doesn’t make sense
    but o’well nothing I can do about it.

  4. It sounds a little bit fishy – two whole months to ship at least $250 of
    coins. That does sound a little bit scammy, although now you have them so I
    can’t really criticize CoinCollector1024 much. Although the only reason you
    have them is you called him out!

  5. Actually I sent the coins before he made the video that I “scammed” him. I
    wasn’t on YT for almost 2 weeks so I never saw the video until after I sent
    it. Good job though on coming to conclusions πŸ˜‰

  6. exactly, he probably only did it because of the video liquidsilver posted.
    Otherwise he would have kept ignoring him. I would consider liquidsilver
    very lucky.

  7. I think you got extremely lucky….. Clearly the guy ONLY sent the coins
    because you called him out…. There is absolutely no good excuse for
    taking so long to get this stuff to you.

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