Coin Shop Owner’s Private Collection of Vintage Silver Bars & More!

Alan Nunemaker's Coin Shop is located in Mishawaka, Indiana, not far from South Bend and the University of Notre Dame. Alan is a second generation coin dealer with a lifetime of knowledge and experience. He own's one of the nicest coin shops that you will ever see which has a very unique security feature. Don't blink you eyes! This video will fly by as Alan shares his wisdom and I show off some of the beautiful silver and gold Alan has in his shop. I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as I enjoyed making it. Next time you're in northern Indiana, stop in and tell 'em T sent ya!

Nunemaker's Coin Shop
Address: 2516 Lincolnway W, Mishawaka, IN 46544
Phone: (574) 288-7464

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45 Comments on “Coin Shop Owner’s Private Collection of Vintage Silver Bars & More!”

  1. 👍 Great shop, unbelievable bars, but gotta say, no way would I pay $1000’s for a 10oz bar. Just to rich for my blood.

    1. Same here! I’m more of a bargain guy rather than a high end guy. Thanks for watching! Have a happy 4th!

  2. Great video T Alan is my coin dealer he is my go too 100 percent of the time loves to talk about history and always makes me feel super welcome. He has some very interesting items in his shop. If you go through the door and turn to the right there is a turning case that has lots of toned coins and toned Libertads as well.

    1. You’ve got one of the best right there buddy. Tell him you saw this video next time you stop in. I could spend a lot of time in that shop!

  3. Great interview. I don’t get out that way too often, but definitely want to go see his shop sometime. It looks very well laid out and set up. My favorite coin shop in our area is JJ coins and stamps in Hammond, but it is by far the most unorganized looking mess of a store. But if you know what your looking for and call ahead they can usually find some things you might want. Nice pick ups and as you know I love my proof libertads. Thanks for sharing.

    1. J & J was a store I used to stop in back in the day. I actually asked about making a video, but the gentleman declined. Nunemaker’s is worth the stop if you find yourself anywhere near there. Happy 4th!

  4. A good interview. The gentleman was very open and cordial. 60 years in the family business has proven to be an asset to all in South Bend. Thank you for the post! A real good one! Happy 4th of July from Hollywood California!!

    1. Jose, Hollywood California? Very cool! Must be an exciting place to live! Thanks for watching and providing good feedback! I appreciate the encouragement! Have a fun weekend!!

    2. @T the Silver Stacker I was born and raised in the greatest valley of them all. The San Joaquín Valley of California! Lived in many places around the world from Saginaw Michigan to San José Costa Rica. Retired from Warner Bros Television here in Southern California. Collector of Mexican silver coins since the 1970’s and USA coins.

  5. I LOVE the Trade dollars and think they are underappreciated and have a ton of room on going up in value! I have a “chop marked” and opium case trade dollars…Alan nailed it saying about the “providence” of these,perfect word. Thank you T for your time, input the education and ALL that eye candy as you say! Always looking forward to your post!!! Stay safe stack on and Peace from the land of OZ!!!

    1. I’ve always been intrigued by those opium case trade dollars. The skill required to make those back in the day is incredible. Have a great weekend!!

  6. What a nice looking shop. It seems that very few owners are collectors as well. I have a few Engelhards and I also love old chopmarked silver.

    1. Yes. He took me into his vault a while back. Those bars are just a very small sampling of his personal collection.

    2. @T the Silver Stacker I would definitely like to see MORE LOL.
      MOAR, old pour Silver. ( Insert smiley face)

  7. Engelhard was bought out by BASF in 2006 and they are mainly into producing chemicals now. Those Engelhards are very nice! I have a 100oz bar like that one, but not as clean! The 5oz is super cute! Those do not come cheap! As for those rare 10ozers… those are definitely some Tier 1 or Tier 2 ingots with the 1. prefix and there are probably no more than a couple dozen, hundred, or at most a couple thousand minted of that particular bar type. Unbelievably rare Engelhard products! I’m drooling!

    Silver is definitely still very undervalued, imho. I can totally relate with becoming overleveraged with too much inventory and being unable to keep up with market movements. Sometimes, you need to cut your losses or look at it as an opportunity to make a shift and reorganize your stack.

    I can’t believe you found half kilo JM bars. I’d be kicking myself if I sold those off for near spot.

  8. That’s a beautiful coin shop. I’m needing a Trade Dollar for my type set. I just haven’t pulled the trigger on one yet. Great deal on that proof Libertad.

    1. Thanks Saltwater. I don’t own a trade dollar, but I’d like to get one someday! Have a fun and safe 4th of July Weekend!

  9. Nice video, store, shop owner, and interview! You’re blessed to have so many decent coin shops relatively nearby that you can get to. I knew you’d come away with a Libertad when I saw some as you panned the counters! Nice pickups today… my kind of stuff with all those wonderful Franklins! Besides Morgans, they have always been one of my most favorite coins ever, always bringing back fond memories of a Leave It to Beaver style childhood for me. Having one of them in my pocket as a kid was a huge, big deal few can even begin to appreciate today.

    1. Hey Buddy! I read a biography on Benjamin Franklin and find him to be one of the most fascinating characters in American history. Someone needs to make a modern movie or Netflix series on him. Enjoy your weekend! Hope you have a fun one!

  10. OMG! Out of all the wonderful things in your videos, There’s only one that drives me nuts (well, more like jealous).
    And that is, I can’t believe how big those LCS’s are.
    I’m from New Jersey and the two LCS ‘s that I frequent, (One of which I drive across state line to Delaware), both customers area’s and maybe my car can fit into the shops that you visit. lol

    As for the Engelhard bars, I only have one which is a 5 ounce bar that was gifted to me by a friend maybe seven or eight years ago. On the box it said: Engelhard Australia.
    Great video. Thank you. Take care. 👍

    1. Thank you my friend, I appreciate you watching! Yes this is probably the biggest shop I’ve ever been in the nicest too! I bet that Engelhard five ouncer is a beauty!

  11. Wow. What an amazing shop. Pleasure to meet Mr. Nunemaker. If I’d ever make it out of LA to Indiana would love to visit that shop… Hell that shop seems incentive enough. Thank you you T

    1. Yes! If you ever come up to see the Notre Dame fighting Irish, you’ll have to stop in.

  12. That was really good T . Seems like a nice shop with a very knowledgeable guy. Happy 4th to you 👍👌

  13. Hi T, awesome interview , thanks for sharing, you guys did a very good job. Very nice shop for sure…nice collection Allen and love your pickups T. Take care my friend have a great week.

  14. Wow. What beautiful and amazing bars. Engelhard is indeed the king. Super cool trade dollar. Awesome proof Libertad. Great video T.

    1. Hey Aloha! Thanks buddy. I read a biography on Benjamin Franklin. Fascinating character!

    2. @Aloha Stacker Please send me the link if it’s not too much trouble to dig up. Thanks

  15. Very nice store and inviting. As for the 2022 ASE, I am thinking of buying one now only because if coin shop owners are reluctant to buy them (and I know my local one has also held off buying them) the mintages might be especially low for the series giving them a little more numismatic value than other ASEs.

    I must say the golden age to start a coin shop seems to be about 1940 to about 1972,

    1. Hi Chris- I only own one or two of the 2022 ASE’s. For the same money, I’d rather have Libertads as the mintages are always just a fraction of the ASE and they are beautiful coins. Thanks for watching!!

  16. Man, I love the old stuff.
    The older, the better.
    I have the Engelhard one oz Silver prospector rounds, about 15 of them. With both the eagles and E logos.
    1983 Silver Libertads, Hoffman and Hoffman Silver rounds, man I getting excited.

  17. Looks like an awesome shop, Mexican gold, vintage bars, and chop marks oh my! 😄🤓

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