Collectible Old Currency – Silver Certificates – World War II – Fancy Serial Numbers

Here’s some new older US currency I picked up this week. My primary focus isn’t really in collecting these bills, but for the price I just had to have them. Here’s what makes them so special and why I will double my money when I sell them. For more coin related news, tips, and finds, please feel free to visit my site:
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Here is just a sneak peak of whats inside our store. Tons more items to see in the store!. Always adding new products to the inventory! You may want to bookmark or save our website.

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  1. Does the 327 indicate that that was the 327th dollar of that kind to leave the block? 2:33 the tan on the right extends further than the one on th left. Does that increace or decreace the value, or does that make it an error dollar.

  2. 1:28 Washington is looking at you all like im just a one dollar bill whats so special about me? Great video and I love your rare currency, keep em safe!

  3. i see you have the plastic sleeve but do you keep them in a book, binder or how do you have them? i would like to get something in addition to the sleeves to easily display mine front and back without having them loose. any suggestions? btw, i picked up 3 uncir 1s from 57 and just realized they have stars by the serial number. exactly what is special about the stars?

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