Counterfeit Coin Slab Detection With Isaiah Hageman – Fake PCGS, NGC, ANACS, and Other Coin Holders

Had a chance to speak with Isaiah Hageman ( ) about counterfeit slab detection – basically, fake coins and fake third party grading slabs that are made to fool collectors and swindle them out of hundreds (or thousands) of dollars. It's important to be on the lookout for these types of coins and slabs, and just know that they exist, so I got one of the real experts on them to speak with us today!


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19 Comments on “Counterfeit Coin Slab Detection With Isaiah Hageman – Fake PCGS, NGC, ANACS, and Other Coin Holders”

  1. It’s sad that there are so many dishonest people in the world. Nearly every thing of value is subject to counterfeiting. I know quite a bit about ancient coins, and have still gotten burned a couple of times. Never buy anything on eBay from a foreign country.

    1. I’ve bought a lot of stuff from overseas (dozens of purchases via eBay) and I have only been burned once or twice but one time was really my own fault. Of course, do your research but there are really only two countries I would say should have a blanket ban on and that’s Russia and particularly China.

  2. Thanks for sharing such an important discussion. It is a shame how many fakes both slabbed and raw are out there.

  3. Always compare the registration number on any slab to that companies records online. That will save you some heartache, especially if there are pictures to compare with.

  4. I’ve even seen pcgs slabs with legit numbers on it but the pics dont match up with coin in holder so if it’s a coin that was slabbed before they did pics then it’s very hard to tell unless you know grading and can tell if coin in slab dont match grade

  5. You likely have more to worry about the grading company making a error labeling your coin. I have so many slabbed coins from PCGS that say MS68 but coin is proof. Or Says proof and is MS. My favorite is 1958 P Lincoln Wheat Cent PCGS MS 67 RD CAM 21738004 Proof Coin PCGS ERROR LABEL .. Yes a MS 67RD CAM. It used to show up in registry as a MS 67 RD CAM in pop reports. Coin cert has been fixed in registry. I have held about 25k PCGS slabs and have not seen a fake slab off ebay etc. Or have I. 🙂 Fun video. I have had pcgs concerned a few times when trying to add a coin to registry. Mostly because someone else tried to add it too. Most likely they yanked the cert off ebay to put it in there registry.

    1. @Treasure Town You guys did do a great job with the video here. It makes me happy knowing that people are taking counterfeiting seriously. I have created a living buying and selling third party coins. So my sincere thanks to all those who work to make buying and selling safe for everyone.

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