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  1. I get shit from mackenzie hall from a debt 6 years ago but I don’t care
    they can keep phone me they what get shit from me and its always good to
    have a chat with nob heads

  2. Ignore these companies you didn’t have a contract with them ignore them

  3. so many of these parasitic company’s setting themselves up now. Country
    going to hell in a hand cart caused by these banks-and no one has ended up
    behind bars. Instead they still keep getting millions in bonuses with
    blessing from our corrupt government.

  4. Don`t even bother reading the letters, just pop them back in the post with
    “unwanted junk mail, return to sender”. They actually get charged for the

  5. just shows the rich get richer and the poor get poorer .debt every where .
    when will UK call on the government to pay the debt or will it be the tax
    payer pay the bill . but millions a month on EU get a grip . lets buy
    cowboy burger meals .hope the wee dude on the phone gets 6 months for fraud
    on dose it only hapen to some ppl

  6. Moorcroft in Stockport cheshire had about 6 debts of mine & keped calling.
    I thretend them with harrasment laws, the call center scumbag got her
    manager on the phone to ask how i was feeling harrased. I said I’ll show
    you, 45 mins later I was in there reception asking to see the manager. I
    applyed for a job there 6 months later still trying to see said manager
    that was very funny. When I gave them my real details I said if they give
    me a job I could pay them. I even called them to apply one time when they
    were calling me on my mobile. I used to it just to waste there time, they
    wrote all my debts off in the end as I thretend a group of them on there
    smoke break, when they laffed at me I got in my car & drove at them.

  7. at the end of the day if you borrow money, you need to pay it back. Don’t
    spend money you don’t have.

  8. Loans and credit cards are non priority debts so its not a criminal matter
    its a civil matter basically apart from letters phone calls and empty
    threats there is fuck all they can do to you a bailiff wont attend so dont
    be intimidated if they say “we’ll take you to court” they never do they’ll
    sell the debt to some other gullible idiot and thats all they’ll do 

  9. You only owe debt collectors money if you’ve signed a contract agreeing you
    owe the money and you cannot be forced to sign anything. Send the letters
    back with ‘no contract return to sender’ written on the envelope. 

  10. Marlin have being chasing me for a 100 quid debt thats now 765.56 I tried
    making an offer but for some reason they wont accept “fuck all a month””

  11. Correction: There is an act that states you have to pay council tax, not a
    law. They are 2 very different things.

  12. 10.02 – Incorrect statement. Once a debt is statute barred, it cannot
    become unbarred by making a payment. If there has ever been a period of 6
    years with no payment or written acknowledgement, the debt is statute
    barred. A payment is a waste of money but does not unbar it. A written
    acknowledgement has to be correspondence sent from the debtor to the
    creditor (other way round does not count)

  13. If a debt collector “buys” a debt from a bank etc, then they are the legal
    title holder of said debt and thus legally liable for it… not the alleged
    debtor. “He who claims ownership/title claims liability” an old legal
    maxim. By buying the debt they actually paid the debt for you so you owe
    nothing at all. It is the debt collectors job to prove you owe anything.
    All you need to do is ask them to do this. Think about it… how can it be
    “your debt” if the debt collector “owns it”?

  14. Great point, was the swearing really necessary though? If you have debt,
    pay it off. The video is aimed more at the tactics of debt recovery agents
    if a debt gets to that stage. Companies expect a certain amount of loss and
    it’s built into the financial infrastructure of the business. Of course you
    already know this being a “business owner” and should already have a
    protocol in place in case any incidentals like this occur.

  15. Vicious circle, banks an GOV are all in 1 SINGLE bucket! They lend money to
    people that needs but can’t repay at some point, but they KNOW these people
    can’t afford it. Then they play the game against poor people. IT IS ALL IN

  16. Ok, you’re arguing a point nobody is disputing. Yes, you can go to prison
    for not paying council tax. But it isn’t because you’ve broke any “law”
    You’ve even said it yourself: “Regulation”… which falls under an “act”.
    So settle down and learn the difference between an act, and a law…
    legally speaking. You will discover that “acts” have 0 authority over you
    unless you consent to that authority. Not paying council tax is easily
    defensible in court if you know what you are doing.

  17. This is basically threatening behaviour. Make them take you to county court
    before you do anything. They will phone and phone – you have a phone number
    that you give out and they will phone. So get rid of it. Seizure of
    property at your residence simply requires a rental agreement. Each letter
    simply write “Return to Sender” and pop in an outside mailbox. After you
    have done all that, your bill will be reduced anyway because there is
    nothing we do that needs a personal cell phone. Peace

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