Don’t Know Much about Planet Earth

Do sleeping volcanoes snore? (see page 12) Is the Dead Sea dead? (see page 21) How icy is Iceland? (see page 78) Join best-selling author Kenneth C. Davis on an entertaining trek across the globe as he answers some big questions about the world in the amusing style that has won millions of readers.With fascinating anecdotes about the world’s most unusual places and notable quotes from world travelers throughout history, Davis leads you to the longest river, coldest desert, tallest waterfall, most powerful volcanic eruption, and much more. Humorous illustrations and amazing stories make the “boring” facts of geography come to life as you read about Marco Polo’s adventures in China and discover that people in Latin America speak Spanish and Portuguese — not Latin at all Kenneth C. Davis brings the verve of his popular best-seller “Don’t Know Much About(R) Geography ” to a new audience. He makes it fun to learn more about this incredible planet we call home.

Price: 5.99

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