DOUBLING MY $$$ IN THE GRAND GRAB BAG FINALE – The Ultimate Conclusion To A @Silverpicker Battle

Silverpicker's Video:

The final episode of my grab bag battle with Max, @Silverpicker, was completely wild!! We just have to see how Max did, since I think I gave him a pretty major run for his money. We've been finding some epic coins, and in this one, were able to pick up a big variety of world items. So many neat pieces of history represented within.. hoping he's up for a third series!!

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26 Comments on “DOUBLING MY $$$ IN THE GRAND GRAB BAG FINALE – The Ultimate Conclusion To A @Silverpicker Battle”

  1. It was terrible, but i think if i still was spending 125 id just spend it on what i wanted.

    1. This was a local Alabama coin shop that a buyer of mine is a customer of – he picked this additional up from them when he visited recently.

  2. *DAMN! Mate, you have a great score only with those extremely scarce and expensive Cuban banknotes. Those notes can close to $100-120.*

  3. Tu devrai faire une vidéo faq
    J’ai une question de puit quand tu collectionne la monnaie
    Moi sa fait depuis 4 ans et tu devrais montres ta collection et je suis un ostisme asperger de puit que j’ai 8 ans diagnostiqué et j’adore tes video 9 juin 2023

  4. I have a 1965 German coin that’s listed at $150, and a one rupee lndia coin at $130. You can made money on foreign coins.

  5. Chris, not to start an argument, but I just watched a video you made 4 years ago about the ten things not to buy and not buying mail order packages was number one. Is this the same thing, or am I missing something? You bought this last bag from a shop in Alabama, which I am close to and they just started offering grab bags. Your thoughts?

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