EPIC 1700s SILVER COIN FROM A SWISS CANTON & SO MUCH MORE Found In Foreign Coin Search – Hunt #27

Welcome to another episode in my Ultimate World Coin Search series, a group of videos where we unbox a half pound of mixed foreign and world coins from all over the world! For this series, I bought some world coin lots and then paid a lot of extra money to supplement it with a better mix… and it certainly has been showing! There has been a good amount of silver, older foreign coins, and really cool countries that I haven't seen coins from before. Hope you enjoy this series of videos as much as I did while I was making it!


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15 Comments on “EPIC 1700s SILVER COIN FROM A SWISS CANTON & SO MUCH MORE Found In Foreign Coin Search – Hunt #27”

  1. Awesome hunt. Not sure what the old French copper was. I have a 1790s 12 Denier but it’s different reverse.

  2. As always, some great finds. The 1790 silver coin is from the canton of St. Gall in Switzerland. You did find a lot of scarce coins, but they are in low grade, which seriously affects their value. I’d say your most valuable finds were the French 20 francs and the British Honduras 10 cents.

  3. Nice video content!!!
    Do you can tell me, were you did thes coin ?
    Do you can send a link?
    All be very happy person!

  4. I’ve been wanting to order a bulk lot to search but i don’t want to get scammed into buying a pre-picked lot full of dead weight so to speak. Any recommendations and or suggestions?

  5. The french coins mintmarks look like French Republic. Best guess is 1 Decime, L’an 8 (1799) with a W (Lille) mintmark and Cadecues privy mark to the right.

    The Kreutzer was Austria

    I think the guy with the fez was Iraq.

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