Extremely Cool & Expensive Coin Unboxing – Guess the Grade (Even Includes A 1793 Error Cent)

I always enjoy doing "Guess the Grade" type videos, and was super excited when Gary from @worldclasscoins on Instagram sent me a package to unbox and possible do a guess-the-grade video! The original video where he is on it has already been posted, but this is for people who like guess the grade videos. His website is and he deals with some really unbelievable coins – here are some of them. They include some gorgeous world coins, some off-center 1700s US coins, some extremely toned and high color coins, and more. Check them out – not every day you get to see coins this cool!


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20 Comments on “Extremely Cool & Expensive Coin Unboxing – Guess the Grade (Even Includes A 1793 Error Cent)”

  1. Sorry but I’m just not a fan of toned coins. I’d much, much rather have a blazing white coin…toning should be listed as “environmental damage/toned”…just my opinion. Now that 1793 cent…WOW!!

    1. Personally, I am kind off in between on the matter. The tonings in the video where too much for me, but a slight toning give a lot of character to a coin in my opinion

  2. I thought the ’37 Buffalo was a satin-finish proof. The 51-S Franklin and Roosevelt were probably taken from the same mint set which would account for the similar toning.

  3. *The kind of videos I love to watch in your channel mate. Awesome unboxing – Gorgeous coins!! 😍😍😍*

  4. Amazing group of coins. Natural toning is so beautiful. The toning you can get in albums can be magnificent. That V Nickel blast white. Really enjoy your videos. Take care.

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