Finding A WWII Sailor’s Lost Money: Local Coin Dealer’s Story – Bob Walter, Sam Sloat Coins, Inc.

Recently, I stopped by Sam Sloat Coins Inc. in Westport, CT, a shop that I really enjoyed going to before a very local store moved in, and asked if there were any stories that stood out to Owner Bob Walter from his time in coins and currency. He had quite a story that involved about $2,000 in today's found money, a WWII sailor, and some premium quality cigarettes – and we also ended up learning a bit about the paper money from several decades past. Hope you enjoy, and if you have any questions for a coin dealer, please leave them in the comments below.

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21 Comments on “Finding A WWII Sailor’s Lost Money: Local Coin Dealer’s Story – Bob Walter, Sam Sloat Coins, Inc.”

  1. After word war 2 you could’ve bought a war plane that worked for only a hundred dollars, that was still a lot of money back then

    1. Yes,all of our currency is still legal tender.The gold and silver certificates are not redeemable but you can use them as cash today.Also our coinage is all still monetized to this day.The Trade dollars were remonitized 31 December 1975.Thats when gold was made legal to own again after 43 years.

  2. Hey Christian on the normal watcher of your channel there’s also a brown seal that was made for Puerto Rico that I believe is the rarest one

  3. I’ve been on both sides.I found a wallet in late winter under ice and snow wich I turned into the police after trying to track down the owner,which he had already moved out of his place.I also had my wallet stolen with $600 inside.The wallet was returned to a neighboring post office without the cash. Thanks for a uniquely great video Christian,I always enjoy your videos.

    1. Wow – that is a lot of $ to lose. At least it (likely) had the cards inside… may have been more of a hassle to replace if you carry around your Driver’s License, etc., though I think $600 is a lot more than it’d replace. Well done on returning the wallet… I did something similar when I was 9 or so and sometimes think I should’ve kept the $ (but happy that someone likely got it)

  4. Thx for sharing 👍 enjoyed hearing about what his farther did and the history behind it 😀 👍

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